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Licensed Penetration Tester (Master)( L|PT) : Validation Of Your Expertise in Penetration Testing

As a Certified Ethical hacker if you are looking forward to gear up your career for further growth in the field of Penetration Testing, Licensed Penetration Tester (Master)( LPT) certification should be your next goal. Don’t you at times feel that even after a good knowledge and experience in the field of PenTesting, there is still something missing in your profile which is not letting you to rise in your career? You guessed it right! It is this LPT Certification which is going to make a tremendous difference in your future. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights and benefits of being LPT Certified Professional.

Highlights Of LPT Certification

It is obvious to wonder why do you need to earn this certification when you are already a qualified pentester with immense hands-on experience. LPT Master certification is important as it offers validation to your expert skills in Penetration Testing.

  • This Certification is offered by EC-Council, which is the world’s leading credentialing body in cybersecurity.
  • It is an online, remotely proctored and practical exam.
  • It is meant to challenge the candidate through a grueling 18 hours of performance.
  • To get through the exam one needs to demonstrate a repeatable, methodical and measurable approach towards successful pentesting.
  • It has been designed by following the recommendations of the subject-matter experts and practitioners across the world after performing an intensive research on job-task analysis.
  • It is globally accepted certification.
Benefits of LPT Certification 

Proof Of Competence

LPT Certification is a proof of one’s competence in penetration testing. This gives a competitive edge in the market.

International Recognition

Being LPT Certified allows you to practice penetration testing and consultation internationally.

 Industrial acceptance

This certification will establish you as a legal and ethical security professional as per the industry standards.


Membership along with the certification gives an access to all the EC-Council software, report frameworks and the standard methodologies. 

License to practice

All the EC-Council accredited organizations are available for practicing and conducting penetration testing.

Exam And Course Structure of LPT Certification 

Unlike other certifications, L|PT (Master) is not jut a cybersecurity training program from EC-Council. It is an opportunity to earn a credential by attempting the certification exam. Few relevant details of the exam and the course structure that will help you to understand the purpose of this certification are: It is 100% online exam that will challenge you with an exhausting 18-hour performance.

  • LPT (Master) exam is the world’s first remotely proctored and online pentesting exam. It aims to meet the industry’s requirement to verify the identity of the student appearing for the exam in a controlled environment. This further helps in protecting the holiness of the credential.
  • This hands-on exam is divided into three levels of six hours each. During the exam one has to face nine( three challenges at each level) of the most difficult real-time cybersecurity challenges.
  • In order to move to next level one must solve atleast one challenge and to pass the exam you need to solve minimum 5 out of nine challenges.
  • It is designed to test your perseverance, pentesting ability and methodological approach towards it.
  • Subject-matter experts and the industry practitioners have developed the structure of the exam on the basis of real-life experiences and demands. This helps in enhancing the real-world pentesting capabilities to achieve consistent result.
  • LPT certification exam aims at testing every skill of an aspiring pentester. Therefore, it also pays attention to strong report writing skills. In absence of this skill you will not be approved of your pentesting skills competence.

To successfully get through this most-robust pentesting exam, you can join EC-Council’s Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) which will help you in building penetration skills and the abilities of a great pentester. For further coaching and guidance by the expert trainers, you can also join LPT Online certification training at InfoSecTrain. To get more information about LPT exam course please visit www.infosectrain.com

Sweta Choudhary
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