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Get Your Cyber Security Certification To Survive In The Industry Already Plagued By Skill Shortage

For the past few years the mismatch between the demand and supply of the skilled professionals in the field of cyber security has become a matter of grave concern for both the professionals and the organisations. Although jobs in cyber security offer handsome salary, the organisations are unable to find professionals to keep themselves safe from the probable cyber attack. Those who are already a part of Cyber security team are under extreme pressure and have long work hours. As per the latest survey nearly two thirds of cyber security professionals are considering to quit their jobs (64 percent total) or leaving the industry forever (63 percent total). Such a survey introduce us to the inside story of the profession which looks so lucrative and interesting from outside.

Cyber security Certification

It is natural to be surprised over such condition of the domain which is still blooming in the world. Illegal Hackers are improving day by day and there is a consistent need for the skilled professionals to safeguard the organisations from various cyber threats. When the professionals were asked about this shortage of skill in the industry, two important points were noted:

  • The speed of technological changes and the pace of would be attackers is accelerating day by day. With their stale skills and knowledge professionals find it difficult to match up with the speed of the change. This is widening the skill gap and thus resulting in the weaker cyber defence of the organisations.
  • Almost 46% of the professionals working for cyber security have confirmed that their team is most busy with the skill development to fence the website against the attackers with unprecedented sources.

Such reasons make it clear that there is definitely a need for the professionals to update their skills at a regular interval. This gap of skill also confirms that the field of cyber security is desperately looking for the professionals with latest knowledge and skillset. This is indeed a good news for all those looking forward for a good career in Cyber security. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification and CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification are some of the skills you can begin with.

InfoSectrain offers training for both CEH Course and Pen Test course. Whether it is online training or onsite training, InfoSecTrain promises to help you to become the best in the industry.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification offers one of the most promising career path to the cybersecurity professionals. This certification is validation of a person’s excellent technical and professional skills in this domain. Since its launch in 2003, CEH has been revised many times to impart the latest knowledge and skills to the professionals. The latest version is now known as CEH v10. The main focus of CEH v10 is to help the professionals in defending the network data from cyberattacks in a better way and think aggressively like cybercriminals. Therefore, this latest version of CEH has now over 18 modules. Trainers at InfoSecTrain will help you to get through this certification, by making you understand and learn each module in detail.

Penetration Testers, often known as white-Hat Hackers have the responsibility not only to protect the network from cyberattacks but also to ensure the preventive, corrective, and protective measures to fence the systems at risk. Thus, professionals who have interest in maintaining the cybersecurity of a network connected system, must look forward for a better career with CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification. This certification is an assurance that the professional has the expertise in the skills, knowledge, and ability needed to handle and safeguard a network connected system. Pen Test+ Certification holders also demonstrate a hands-on ability and knowledge in safeguarding the devices which use mobile network or are on cloud.

InfoSecTrain is keeps offering training schedule for these courses with affordable fees. For CEH information visit  https://www.infosectrain.com/courses/ceh-v10-certification-training/

and for Pen Test+ please visit  https://www.infosectrain.com/courses/comptia-pentest-certification-training/

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