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CEH Certification: Your Journey Towards White Hat Hacking

If the rising popularity of a career in Cyber Security has allured you as well, and you are trying to find out the best way to start your journey in IT Security then Ethical Hacking Courses are the answers to your questions.

Organisations around the world are looking for professionals with the right kind of knowledge and skillset to secure their network from malicious activities of the cybercriminals. But the field of Cyber Security is facing severe shortage of skilled professionals. This huge gap in the demand and supply of the White Hat Hackers is the main reason that a career in IT Security comes with a handsome salary. Finding out the most suitable CEH V10 Training for yourself and then getting through the certification exam are the initial steps towards being a successful White Hat Hacker.

Do these terms White Hat Hacker and Black Hat Hacker make you wonder about their roles and responsibilities? Let’s understand who are White Hat Hackers, how are they different from Black Hat Hackers and why are they so much in demand?

Difference Between White Hat Hacking And Black Hat Hacking 

The main difference between a white Hat Hacker and a Black Hat Hacker is in the purpose with which they hack a network. As the name suggests, Black Hat hackers work with wrong intentions of stealing the precious data of an organisation. Their purpose is to harass the organisation through their malicious activities and make personal profits. But White Hat Hackers are the saviours of the organisations. They hack the network for ethical reasons and secure the network against vulnerabilities. Thus, Whits Hat Hackers are needed by all the organisations which have their presence in the Cyber World.

Besides Intentions, there are other ways to identify a White Hat/Black Hat Hacker.

Tools and techniques used for hacking 

Black hat hackers always come up with the new techniques of hacking. They are a step ahead. White Hat hackers try to think like them and follow their techniques and tools to find out the vulnerabilities in the system to fix it immediately.

Legal Acceptability 

Black hat hackers get into the network for their selfish purposes and break the law. But White Hat Hacking is done for the benefit of the organisation and is legally and ethically acceptable.

Permission for hacking 

White Hat Hackers are officially employed and permitted to hack the network, but Black Hat Hackers do it without permission with wrong intentions.

What Does An Ethical Hacker DO? 

After earning your CEH Certification, you will be in great demand to perform the role and responsibilities of an ethical hacker. Certified Ethical Hacker Training at a reputed organisation will bring out the expertise required to become a perfect White Hat Hacker. As a CEH Certified Professional you will be expected to secure and fence the network of an organisation through these activities:

  • Seeking the authorization from the organization before hacking the network for security assessment
  • Determining the scope of their assessment and informing the organisation in advance about their plan
  • Reporting the identified security breaches and vulnerabilities found in the system or network.
  • Maintaining confidentiality about the identified vulnerabilities.
  • To check the malicious hackers from getting inside the network by following the path of security assessment done by the ethical hacker, it is necessary to erase everything related to hacking.


If you find such responsibilities interesting enough to pursue a long term career, it is time for you to earn your CEH certification. InfosecTrain offers boot camp and Online CEH training courses to help you pass this exam. For more information please visit www.infosectrain.com

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