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Let’s Compare CompTIA Security+ vs CEH v11 – What is the right certification for you?

Many IT professionals seek to take multiple certifications such as CompTIA Security+ and CEH v11. They pursue both certifications concurrently in order to expand their professional reach and familiarise themselves with the field of cybersecurity.

Let's Compare CompTIA Security+ vs CEH v11 - What is the right certification for you_

However, some might be in a dilemma about which certification to seek first. When it comes to  CompTIA Security+ and CEH v11 certification they both are designed for two distinct professional paths, both EC-Council and CompTIA suggest that applicants have prior expertise in the industry. Both associations suggest that you have at least two years of experience as well as awareness of security fundamentals.

As a result, the debate over CompTIA Security+ vs CEH v11 has been one of the hot topics in the Cyber Security field. The lack of clarity about the particular differences between these two certifications can produce a lot of confusion. Here we will discuss the differences between these two certifications.

CompTIA Security+ vs CEH v11

CompTIA Security+:

The first security certification a candidate should obtain is CompTIA Security+. Which is an entry-level certification. It establishes the fundamental knowledge essential for any Cybersecurity profession and serves as a stepping stone to intermediate-level cybersecurity roles. This certification mostly requires conceptual knowledge of many aspects of cybersecurity, such as developing, producing, implementing, and stabilizing security systems, protocols, and technology.

After completing CompTIA Security+ certification you have the following skills:

  • Configure and set up a network and host-based security devices
  • Determine the techniques used by cyber attackers to attack systems and hosts, as well as the measures used to protect them
  • Understand the technologies and applications of cryptography standards and services
  • Understand the fundamentals of organizational security as well as the aspects of effective security controls.

Target Audience

  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Auditors/Penetration Testers
  • Security Engineers and Consultants
  • System Administrators


  • It is recommended to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in IT Security Administration. However, it is not mandatory
  • CompTIA Network+ certification
  • CompTIA A+ certification

Domain of CompTIA Security+ Certification:

Domain 1: Attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities(24%)
Domain 2: Architecture and design(21%)
Domain 3: Implementation(25%)
Domain 4: Operations and incident response(16%)
Domain 5: Governance, risk, and compliance(14%)

CompTIA Security+

CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) v11: CEH is an expert-level certification as compared to CompTIA Security+. CEH was designed to include a hands-on environment and a logical procedure across each ethical hacking area and technique, providing you the opportunity to work towards proving the knowledge and skills to earn the CEH certificate and perform the tasks of an ethical hacker.

These individuals are not only aware of the particular tools and techniques used by cyber hackers, but they also have a technical understanding of their use, deployment, and counterfeit. A CEH expert is mostly involved in ethical hacking and system penetration testing, they use their understanding of cyber networks gained through time to find flaws and possible nodes of violation in Information Security systems.

Target Audience

  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Web Managers
  • Auditors


  • Basic knowledge of network fundamentals, including core concepts such as servers and networking devices

Domain of CEH v11 certification:

Domain 1: Information security and ethical hacking overview(6%)
Domain 2: Reconnaissance techniques(21%)
Domain 3: System hacking phases and attack techniques(17%)
Domain 4: Network and perimeter hacking(14%)
Domain 5: Web application hacking(16%)
Domain 6: Wireless network hacking(6%)
Domain 7: Mobile platform, IoT, and OT hacking(8%)
Domain 8: Cloud computing(6%)
Domain 9: Cryptography(6%)

CEH v11

CompTIA Security+ vs CEH v11 Comparison factors

Exam pattern:

Name of the exam CompTIA  Security+ CEH v11
Test format Multiple choice and performance-based Multiple choice
Number of questions 100 125
Test duration 90 minutes 240 minutes
Passing marks 75% 60 to 80%
language English, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese English

Test level difficulty: When it comes to the difficulty level of the exam, CEH is much more difficult in comparison to CompTIA security+. CEH focuses on advanced analytical testing as well as practical evaluation of candidates in penetration testing and ethical hacking. Whereas security+ is a relatively easy course that merely covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity, threat detection, and mitigation.

Job Search: When it comes to job search or employment, security+ takes the lead because it is a basic and entry-level certification that demonstrates the person’s capabilities and professional competencies in numerous areas of cybersecurity.

Which is more beneficial?

There is no debate here. The answer is very clear, both certifications have their own benefits and we can’t say that one is better than the other. Each certification has its own importance to the audience of different levels.

The cyber market is vast, there are several prospects for both beginners and professionals, nevertheless, you must be persistent and continue to gain more practical understanding of cybersecurity systems in order to land a good job in the long term.

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CompTIA Security+

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