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Top learnings from AWS Security

It's presumably nothing unexpected that security is one of the most popular game plays in the IT industry. In the age of cyberwarfare, security is the most important aspect of any organization or an individual. It's likewise profoundly imperative to our clients and any organization thinking about moving to th...

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Why CCSK with InfosecTrain

Cloud computing is the future of the Information Technology sector, and considering its security is an important aspect. CCSK, an abbreviation of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, is the first user certification for secure Cloud computing in the industry. CCSK is designed in such a way that it ensures ...

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Top 50 AWS Interview Questions and Answers

The recent decades have witnessed a significant change in the work environment of organizations and businesses around the world. The Technological advancements and the pioneering of Cloud and cloud computing platforms have been a considerable thrust behind this growth. At present, most businesses are utilizin...

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How DNS Server works

How DNS Server works?

Ever wondered how do computer systems communicate with each other? In the world of the internet, the computers distinguish each other with a unique number referred to as IP address. They do not understand the common language used by human beings. So, how do they communicate with human beings? When we enter a ...

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AWS Certification Guide

Introduction An immeasurable reason for the massive rise in businesses moving online is a surge in user engagement. It's not only the large organizations these days that run online portals, but many small independent businesses also have a decent number of users. Sometimes, when there is a sudden rise in t...

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IBM QRadar SIEM Security Tools and Benefits

Cyber attackers breaking into networks is not uncommon news these days. They disguise themselves as employees to break into the network and entirely eliminate their tracks as they leave. With restricted time and limited resources, it is quite challenging to filter through a massive volume of data in order to ...

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How to clear CRISC Exam

With the massive increase in the cases of the data breach and corporate reputation damage, the importance of risk management experts has increased significantly. Today, having a professional with the right knowledge for controlling the risk is much needed in every organization. Here comes the role of CRISC ce...

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Data Privacy: How aware are you?

We live in a digital age with many technological advancements where data is present in obvious ways. Digital has dematerialized the world because the things people necessitate are no longer subject to physical stuff but are satisfied by digital technology. With Social, Economic, and Governmental pursuits prog...

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Roadmap for CRISC EXAM

CRISC is an abbreviation of Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control. This certification is provided by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). A person qualifying CRISC gains expertise in identifying and managing enterprise IT risk and carrying out and sustaining information syste...

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