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Roadmap for CRISC EXAM

CRISC is an abbreviation of Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control. This certification is provided by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). A person qualifying CRISC gains expertise in identifying and managing enterprise IT risk and carrying out and sustaining information systems controls. As we celebrate the technological advancement of our digital age, organizations can often be associated with risk. This calls for a Risk Management expert as this domain is very significant to any organization. CRISC certification authenticates your skills and knowledge of avoiding Risk in an organization. It will also assist you in dealing with the possible threats an organization is prone to. CRISC will help you gain credibility and acknowledgment if you want to excel in your career.


As organizations adapt to the digital age, banks are not the only sector exposed to cybercrime. Holding a fair amount of Data and Information, organizations are like Golden goose vulnerable to hackers and frauds. With the organizations’ rising threats, their risk team needs professionals who can safeguard them from the nefarious elements. CRISC is one of the most recognized certifications which authenticates you to circumvent security perimeters getting breached. This certification provides you a niche in your career with higher salaries as CRISC holders are in significant demand worldwide. The expertise you gain after CRISC is like a COVID-19 vaccine in the making.

Advantage of CRISC

CRISC is recognized and validated globally, so it carries a lot of benefits for its aspirants. Some of the advantages of CRISC are:

  • CRISC is accepted widely across the world, so it validates your knowledge in the risk domain.
  • It upgrades your skills, thus giving you competence in Risk Management and Information Systems Control and making you a better choice for any organization.
  • It helps you to convey the Risk and Control information to varied groups completely.
  • It encourages further advancement of your knowledge.
  • It gives augmented value to businesses and customers in Risk Management.

Skills you develop

As a certified Risk and Information Systems Control scholar, you possess a specific set of skills:

  • You understand the risk an enterprise is liable to.
  • You can plan, execute, scrutinize, and retain information systems controls.
  • You’re capable of identifying, evaluating, assessing, responding, and monitoring risk.
  • You are suitable to design and execute Information Systems control.
  • You are proficient at maintaining and monitoring Information Systems control.

Who is required to take the CRISC exam?

The CRISC certification is composed of professionals who want to project themselves in the field of enterprise risk management and control. It is crucial for people who are:

  • Risk and Security Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Information Systems Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Information Control Managers
  • Chief Information Security or Compliance Officers.

CRISC is essential if you want to set your career in motion. It proclaims your potential and proficiency in the field of IT risk management.

Exam Details and Eligibility:

The 4 hours CRISC exam offered by ISACA consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. It demands 3 years of relevant work experience of professional-level risk control and management.

Course and Exam Outline:

According to ISACA, the CRISC Exam comprises of the four domains mentioned below:

  • Domain 1: IT Risk Identification (27%)
  1. Risk capacity, risk appetite, and risk tolerance
  2. Risk culture and communication
  3. Elements of risk
  4. Information security risk concepts and principles
  5. IT risk strategy of the business
  6. IT concepts and areas of concern for the risk practitioner
  7. Methods of risk identification
  8. IT risk scenarios
  9. Ownership and accountability
  • Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment (28%)
  1. Risk assessment techniques
  2. Analysis of Risk scenarios
  3. The current state of controls
  4. Changes in the risk environment
  5. Project and program management
  6. Risk and controls analysis
  7. Risk analysis methodologies
  8. Risk ranking
  9. Documenting risk assessment
  • Domain 3: Risk Response and Mitigation (23%)
  1. Aligning risk response with business objectives
  2. Risk response options
  3. Analysis techniques
  4. Vulnerabilities associated with new controls
  5. Developing a risk action plan
  6. Business process review tools and techniques
  7. Control design and implementation
  8. Control activities, objectives, practices, and metrics Systems control design and implementation
  9. Impact of emerging technologies on the design and implementation of controls
  • Domain 4: Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting(22%)
  1. Key risk indicators
  2. Key Performance Indicators
  3. Data collection and extraction tools and techniques
  4. Monitoring controls o Control assessment types
  5. Results of the control assessment
  6. Change to the IT risk profile

Preparations of CRISC 

If you want to gain your CRISC certification on the very first go, then you need to focus on the details regarding how you can prepare for the CRISC exam. Some of the points that you can take into consideration are:

  • Take help from a Standard Reference

You can refer to an Exam manual in order to get an overall idea of the exam format. It gives you a piece of wider practical knowledge and better notions of the exam. You can consider taking a reference from ISACA Exam Information Guide.

  • Refer to study materials

There are a plethora of study materials for the CRISC exam that you can avail. Ensure if the study material you have chosen corresponds to ISACA’s official review manual. It will help you follow the correct approach with its details. It is commended that you refer to the most relevant one like the CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database, CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual

and CRISC Review Manual

  • Join a Training Course

There are plenty of training videos or online training available on the internet for the CRISC exam. InfosecTrain is a leading training provider that offers a wide variety of courses including the one for CRISC exam. You can opt for Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) training , as it will prepare you entirely, not only for the exam but for the future implementation of your knowledge as well.

  • Time Management

Time management is a very important aspect of every engagement, job, or assignment in your life. So in order to excel in the CRISC exam, plan your preparations as early as possible. Follow the approach of SWOT analysis. It will encourage you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Try to focus on your weaknesses and commit a good amount of time per day for consistent preparation.

  • Dedicate enough time to practice

Practice deepens your understanding and expands your familiarity with the subject. It reinforces your strengths and helps you identify your weakness. If you are well conscious of your strength and flaws then you can carry your efforts in the conventional direction.

‘Practice until you can’t get it wrong’.

Take regular Mock tests so that you review yourself and judge your improvements. Mock tests also cater to you with the bona fide exam experience.

  • Connect with other aspirants on the CRISC Community

Involving yourself in the CRISC exam study group is a prominent place. It is a community that incorporates your interconnection with other competitors and an extended range of experts. There is an extensive span of study materials, relevant information, and reference resources available for the exam. You can also call for expert advice on the community from people who have already appeared for the CRISC exam or are holders of the CRISC certification.

If you stick to the above approach, the CRISC exam will be a cakewalk for you.

What to do on the D-day

Anxiety and stress can negatively impact your exam and it will be a massive blow. If you want to perform exceptionally, you must keep these little things in mind:

  • Stay as calm and composed as possible.
  • Don’t depend on the last-minute preparations as you’ll end up pressurizing yourself.
  • Sleep well before the exam day.
  • Don’t famish yourself and keep hydrated during the exam.
  • Manage your time during the exam.
  • When in doubt, use the elimination method.
  • This is a 4 hours exam, which includes 150 questions. Keep track of the time, and do review your answers at the end.

For more details, you can also check out the video Prepare for CRISC certification  

CRISC with Infosec Train

CRISC certification at InfosecTrain will give you an exposure to the distinctive challenges of IT and enterprise risk management. As we are a leading training provider globally, the entire action plan is designed by our highly skilled and certified trainers who possess expertise in the field. At Infosec Train the experienced experts coach you towards laying a strong foundation of CRISC to upskill your knowledge of Risk Management to a proficient level.

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