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Top IT Security Certifications for 2022

Top IT Security Certifications for 2022

Cybersecurity is the practice of preventing breaches, damage, loss, or unauthorized access to computers, networks, and data. As our global reach expands, bad actors will have more opportunities to misuse, malfunction, or disrupt data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job market for cybersecuri...

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Ransomware- A reality check Part 3

Ransomware- A reality check (Part 3)

Ransomware- A reality check (Part 1) Ransomware- A reality check (Part 2) Ransomware- A reality check (Part 3) Interesting statistics about Ransomware Let's take a look at the latest interesting statistics of Ransomware attacks: Graph One: The average ransom payment has increased graduall...

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Ransomware- A reality check 2

Ransomware- A Reality Check (Part 2)

Ransomware- A reality check (Part 1) Ransomware- A reality check (Part 2) Ransomware- A reality check (Part 3) Variants of Ransomware Bad Rabbit: It was distributed by a fake Adobe Flash update on a corrupt website. Fake Adobe Flash update; once it is downloaded, your data has been compromised...

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Ransomware- A reality check (Part 1)

Ransomware- A reality check (Part 1)

Ransomware has been the most significant threat for years which has been affected over sectors and remained one of the top risks. The topics covered in the webinar are detailed in this blog for reference. Ransomware- A reality check (Part 1) Ransomware- A reality check (Part 2) Ransomware- A re...

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Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk: How are they different?

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk: How are They Different?

Those who are new to cybersecurity or who have little knowledge of cybersecurity may often get confused while using some terms that may seem similar but are very different. In this blog, let us discuss those terms and how they are different. The most confusing terms in cybersecurity are Threat, Vulnerability,...

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Ten Essential steps to plan & ace your certification goals

Introduction I am frequently being asked for suggestions on certification planning & tips to successfully clear certifications. So, here are my ten essential steps that any aspirant would need to do to plan for any certification & accomplish them. These steps could be adopted by anyone trying to mo...

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Why You Must Invest in Cloud Computing Certification Training

Cloud computing is growing tremendously and has become an integral part of the IT industry. Every organization, irrespective of its size is now dependent on public cloud platforms to host and implement critical applications. The public cloud computing market has been estimated to be worth around 141 billion U...

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Different Types of Cryptography Attacks

Cryptography involves hiding the information to be transmitted so that only the receiver is able to view it. This is done by encoding the information to be sent at the sender’s end and decoding the information on the receiver’s end. The field of cryptography is an old one and dates back to 2000 B.C. in...

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Would you Delete your Social Media Account??

The startling revelations about Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election team and the winning Brexit campaign, obtaining Facebook data on 50 million users has got everyone thinking about their social media accounts and a possible misuse of it. According to a sna...

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All About BitCoin

Bitcoin was a nonexistent term in the past but now it is catching up really fast and grabbing everyone’s interest. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, well what is that? It is virtual money based on the technique of cryptography, not owned by any individual, corporation or government. It simplifies payments, m...

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CISSP Concentrations

Although Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is a instant enhancement to a person’s resume, there are other CISSP concentrations as well which equip professionals in a better and more encompassing way. They not only provide better salaried jobs but also with lot more responsibi...

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Protecting your data from hack

Data protection the more passionate companies are towards protecting their data, the more determined hackers are in invading your space, your priority files and your chances of success. There are various anti-hacking techniques at work, but these don’t deter the hackers but that is because it is importa...

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C.A.T.! Lets be challenging

C.A.T.! This isn’t your usual meaning of the word ‘CAT’; it’s neither the animal nor the common admission test taken in India by MBA aspirants. It stands for Computer Adaptive Test. Haven’t heard about it before? You must not be acquainted with the name but I am sure you have seen how it works...

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Facebook: Another case study for data Privacy

Amidst the trending news, Facebook Data Breach has been a highlight given the large customer database and is a message to all other organizations and users to protect their information. The first step for users should be leaving sites that have any connection to any security breaches, any gaming or quiz si...

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