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How to clear CRISC Exam

With the massive increase in the cases of the data breach and corporate reputation damage, the importance of risk management experts has increased significantly. Today, having a professional with the right knowledge for controlling the risk is much needed in every organization. Here comes the role of CRISC certification. It is a renowned certificate examination that provides individuals with the validity and acknowledgment for succeeding in a career. This certification is preferred for strengthening and enhancing the knowledge about multiple risks.

To build a deeper understanding of risks and their controlling measures, an individual is required to give the CRISC examination. For passing the CRISC exam by answering 150 questions in 4 hours, the individual must prepare well. A well-planned strategy is required to crack the exam. To help you out with the study, we are offering some of the CRISC study tips. This guide will help you with the examination and provide you with the vital tips for passing it.

About CRISC Certification Exam
CRISC, an abbreviation of Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, is a well-known certification in the field of information technology. This certification is offered by ISACA to validate an individual’s skills and knowledge for recognizing, assessing, handling, and reducing the various risks. It prepares the individual well for interacting with the regulators, stakeholders, or peers of the organization. With the expertise, the certification holder can effectively indulge in the company’s risk management and prepare the appropriate solution for information security control.

Benefits of ISACAs CRISC Certification Exam
Being a globally recognized certification, CRISC offers a lot of benefits that are must be considered before choosing the examination. The key benefits that this certification holder will get are:

  • The certificate validates the knowledge and skills in risk management.
  • Works as a symbol of expertise.
  • It offers a complete package of skills right from understanding the risk of maintaining the system and monitoring it.
  • It makes it easier to get a job with a high salary package.
  • Helps in growing advance in the career with up-to-date knowledge.
  • Adds a competitive edge in the candidate as compared to the peers.

Exam Outline of CRISC Certification

  • 150 multiple-choice questions.
  • Timing: 4 hours (240 minutes)
  • CRISC examination is intended to check the individual’s knowledge on four key domains. These domains are best suited for IT professionals to incorporate the knowledge related to the real world. Each domain, along with the module covered in it, has a great significance on the examination. To gain a deeper understanding of the CRISC exam test, look at the exam outline mentioned below.

Domain 1: IT Risk Identification
This domain covers 27% of the whole examination. Under this, the aspirant gets to learn all about the risks, its capacity, nature, elements, principles, methods for risk identification, scenarios, and much more.

Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment
In this domain of CRISC Certification, the techniques for assessing the risk, it’s scenarios, methodologies, ranking, etc. are covered. This segment has 28% weightage in the examination and provides crucial knowledge about the risk.

Domain 3: Risk Response and Mitigation
With 23% of weightage, this domain prepares the individual for fighting with the various online risks. It provides the individual with the correct knowledge on the response on the various risks, techniques, tools, action plans, control design and activities, and much more.

Domain 4: Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting
Core indicators of the risk, performance indicators, data collection tools, control assessment, risk profile, etc. are added in this domain of the certification. It holds 22% of weightage and is one of the most prominent segments of the whole exam.

Tips to Crack the CRISC Exam
To be an IT Risk manager professional, CRISC certification is a must-have. Although the CRISC examination is quite tough, clearing it in the first attempt is possible with the right preparation. To smoothen your journey of accomplishing the certification, here are some exam CRISC tips. These tips will make you understand the right way to prepare for the exam.

Thoroughly refer the ISACA’s Exam Candidate Guide
The first step that every CRISC aspirant should take is to review the exam candidate guide thoroughly. It is a blueprint for the examination that covers all the core topics such as registration, prerequisites, deadlines, etc.

CRISC Review Manual: https://www.isaca.org/bookstore/crisc-exam-resources/crr6ed

Choose the right study resource
Along with the official ISACA’s exam resource, there are plenty of other resources available. For preparing the best for the CRISC exam, candidates are required to choose the right resource that contains all the essentials of the exam.

CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual:
One such platform is Infosec Train. Here, you will get video lectures, Q&A sessions, practice paper, and a lot more.

Take up the practice test regularly
As said, “Practice makes a man perfect,” it is quite important to take up practice papers at least a month or two before the exam. Giving mock tests will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. It will make you understand the areas to focus on and provide you with an overview of your preparation.

Become a member of CRISC Community
The community platform is the area that lets you interact with various experts and other aspirants of CRISC. Joining the community is immensely important as it helps you share your knowledge and learn from others .
community link:-  https://engage.isaca.org/communities/onlineforums

.● Customize a study plan
To prepare for the ISACAs CRISC exam, a lot of hard work and dedication is needed. From manual study to practice papers, from online forums to revisions, CRISC exam preparation includes a lot. To make your study effective and to cover all the domains in the least time, you must create your own study plan according to your convenience.

●  Plan your time wisely
Time plays a pivotal role in preparing for any examination. In the case of high-level exams such as CRISC, candidates must plan the time wisely to make the best use of every minute. Preparation should start with spending time on weak areas and converting them into your strengths. Then, you can move to the other parts of the study.

Exam day preparation tips
After studying for months and preparing for the exam, it becomes important to keep the spirits high on the final day of the examination. On the day before the exam, the candidate should not exhaust himself/herself. The last-minute exam tips are quite important to achieve success. These tips are:

  • Stay calm while attempting the questions
  • Keep your exam kit prepared beforehand
  • Avoid making last-minute changes
  • Keep a proper track of time
  • Read each question very carefully
  • Wisely divide your time on each question


Final Words
CRISC Certification is a symbol of expertise and skills in risk assessment and information standard monitoring. Having this certification provides the candidate with the right attitude to effectively climb the career ladder in this competitive world. To differentiate yourself from the crowd and enhance your career options, you must prepare well for the certification exam. With a strong strategy, complete dedication, and quality resources, you can have a fair chance of clearing the exam on the first attempt. Follow our roadmap and drive on the way to success.

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