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SOC Analyst Job Profile, Skills, Certifications, and Salary.

What is a SOC Analyst? SOC Analyst is a security professional who actively monitors cybersecurity incidents within the organization and identifies threats and vulnerabilities that can pose severe risks to the IT infrastructure of the organization. SOC stands for Security Operation Center. It is a departme...

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Five essential tools for a Security Operation Center (SOC)

Cyberattacks are increasing at a rapid pace. The organizations are looking forward to building a Security Operation Center in which the SOC Team is responsible for detecting and monitoring security incidents. There is a lot of demand for SOC Analyst (L1) and Sr. SOC Analyst (L2) in the Security Operation Cent...

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Infosec Train’s SOC Analyst Training Program

The security operation center is a facility in an organization that houses Cybersecurity professionals to analyze, monitor, architect and manage an organization's security posture. A SOC team comprises Security managers, security engineers, and SOC analysts. The team is responsible for monitoring the overall ...

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SOC Analyst Interview Questions & Answers

Due to the rapid increase in data breach incidents and sophisticated attacks, organizations are investing heavily in technologies and security solutions. The deployment of a security operation center (SOC) is a cost-effective strategy against these cyber threats. The soc team deals with security incidents wit...

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What is ‘SOC’?

Does your organization need a SOC team? While that point is highly debated and some organizations find it an absolute necessity and pay attention to forming one right away – there are still many others who only learn by a bad experience. But exactly what is ‘SOC’ and who are the different security pe...

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