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All about AWS Security Course_

All About AWS Security Course

AWS is one of the largest Cloud Computing Platforms in the world and owns the largest share in the Cloud computing market. It is exponentially growing and as it obtains a more significant stake in the market, the requirement for ensuring its security from breaches and vulnerabilities increases proportionally....

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Cloud computing roles and responsibilities

‘Cloud computing’ is making use of the resources such as servers, storage, networking and software over the Internet.  Since cloud computing offers the pay-as-you-go model for enterprise applications, it is a much more sought after business model for enterprise applications. The cloud computing model is ...

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Why You Must Invest in Cloud Computing Certification Training

Cloud computing is growing tremendously and has become an integral part of the IT industry. Every organization, irrespective of its size is now dependent on public cloud platforms to host and implement critical applications. The public cloud computing market has been estimated to be worth around 141 billion U...

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