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How to Become an Incident Responder_

How to Become an Incident Responder?

Overview Cyber Incident Responder, Computer Network Defense Incident Responder, and Incident Response Engineer are just a few of the positions available in the incident response sector. Intrusion Detection Specialists, Forensics Intrusion Analysts, and Network Intrusion Analysts are all similar jobs. Incid...

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CCSP Domain 4_ Cloud Application

CCSP Domain 4: Cloud Application Security

With the rapid growth of use as well as acclamation of cloud computing, the demand for qualified security professionals with the technical knowledge required by cloud computing has also increased. While many businesses have skilled security and operations professionals, most of what they know about traditiona...

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CompTIA Cloud+ Domain 5_

CompTIA Cloud+ Domain 5: Troubleshooting

Domains of the CompTIA Cloud+ CompTIA Cloud+ certification comprises a total of five domains: Domain 1: Cloud Architecture and Design 13% Domain 2: Security 20% Domain 3: Deployment 23% Domain 4: Operations and Support 22% Domain 5: Troubleshooting 22% We will discuss the fifth ...

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Top Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud

Top Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Architect

A Cloud Computing Architecture can be defined as the components and subcomponents involved in the process of cloud computing. A front-end platform, back-end platforms, cloud-based delivery, and a network are the most common components. These elements come together to form the cloud computing architecture. The...

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A clear glimpse of Sailpoint IdentityIQ

A Clear Glimpse of Sailpoint IdentityIQ

In today’s market, many products offer great IDM solutions to business applications. However, Sailpoint IdentityIQ is still standing out because of its approach or the way it provides Identity Management solutions. Assume there are two 5 star hotels with the same prices. In the first hotel, you have ...

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Essentials of Going Serverless_ Tools and

Essentials of Going Serverless: Tools and Tips

This blog tells you the Tips and Tools to go serverless, but let us know what serverless is. Does it mean that there are no servers involved? The answer is no. What it means is that you are not responsible for provisioning or maintaining these servers. It is outsourced to the cloud provider while a developer ...

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