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ISO 27001 Security Awareness Training and Compliance

The primary concern on security has made organizations focus on the best practices and conduct security awareness training, as it helps to empower the workforce and mitigate security threats. In this comprehensive blog, we will understand ISO 27001 framework and its clause on Information Security Awareness.

ISO 27001 Security Awareness Training and Compliance

Table of Contents

ISO 27001 Framework
Why choose ISO 27001?
ISO 27001 Awareness Training for Employees
Steps to Implement Security Awareness Training

ISO 27001 Framework

ISO 27001 is a certification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), a framework of procedures and policies that includes all technical, physical, and legal controls of an Information Risk Management process. It consists of a set of standards developed to protect information security. The main objective of ISO 27001 is to provide the framework to create the management system to control the risks associated with data and information and maintain a high confidence level.

Why choose ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized framework that helps to reduce constant audits. ISO 27001 compliance ensures that an organization’s information is secured with the right tools to mitigate security threats and data losses. It allows organizations to abide by legal, business, and contractual data protection, regulations, policies, and procedures.

The following are the benefits of ISO 27001:

  • Provide a managed framework that secures all information
  • Provides a structured approach to identify compliance requirements
  • Protects the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data
  • Secure all forms of information, including cloud-based, paper-based, and digital data
  • Increase robust security framework to defend against cyber-attacks
  • Increase trust among customers, the public, and partners
  • Ensure security protection for the organization against technology-based risks and threats
  • Reduces the possibility of a security breach in the organization
  • Minimizes costs on inadequate defense technology

ISO 27001 Awareness Training for Employees

Section 7: clause 7.2.2 of ISO 27001 standard defines Information security awareness, education, and training. It is designed so that all employees of the organization should get appropriate awareness, education, and training. The organization’s policies and procedures are required to update regularly. Section 7 defines the ISO 27001 training and awareness plan should include the following:

  • Regular updates to the training program
  • Provide tools to assess employees’ knowledge of security
  • Ensure everyone is familiar with the organization’s security policies and procedures

Every employee, including the contract basis employee, should understand the security requirements. All other teams, such as HR, the Development team, and the Testing team, should coordinate with the Information security team to plan and conduct awareness assessment programs to validate skills, knowledge, and awareness throughout the employee lifecycle.

Steps to Implement Security Awareness Training

The main objective of ISO 27001 security awareness and training is to understand why information security is required and how to handle security issues at work. Our experts have curated the key steps to implement security awareness training systematically:

1. Define required knowledge and skills: The security training program is designed based on the roles and responsibilities of the employee to cover the requirements. These security requirements are pre-defined in the ISMS or BCMS documents for every employee role.

2. Conduct training programs and campaigns: A pre-planned training program helps to organize and manage the organization’s security awareness sessions. In general, the security awareness training is planned in the following methods:

  1. In-house Training: The training is delivered by in-house experts, hiring consultants, or certification bodies within the organization.
  2. Quick Forums: The quick forum helps the employees provide instant answers.
  3. Courses: Corporate training courses help to enhance skills and knowledge of information security.
  4. Literature: Reading literature helps to understand information security in a better way. There are multiple resources available online, including magazines.

3. Assessments: The security assessments should be conducted with a predefined passing percentage to validate the skills, knowledge, and understanding of information security. It helps to measure the performance of the organization’s policies and procedures.

4. Measure the security culture: During the security awareness and training program, organizations can assess the security posture through a cybersecurity survey. It helps to analyze employees’ perceptions of security awareness and training. This survey also helps to identify vulnerabilities and build strategies to improve the organization’s security posture.

Getting the ISO 27001 certification is to develop integrity and customer trust in the organization. The ISO 27001 certification proves that the organization complies with the security requirements and helps validate the organization’s efforts to secure information and improve its security posture.

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