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ISO Certification Training Courses

ISO 27001 and ethical hacking courses are leading certifications that deliver extensive understanding of compliance, certification standards, and security essentials to produce certified security professionals. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that defines the proprietary, industrial and commercial standards followed across the industries worldwide. Globally accepted as a measure of best practices adopted by the organizations. ISO certifications authenticate your expertise in various security management areas including information technology Service management, security management systems, risk management, and business continuity management systems.

InfoSec Train is an IT security focused training company contributing to create well-skilled security professionals with must-have hands-on experience in ISO 27001 and other ISO certified ethical hacking working knowledge. We ensure to help organisations identifying the globally certified security workforce by delivering stat-of-the-art ISO certification and ethical hacking certification courses to help you get into the roles of lead auditor, risk manager, lead implementer, EMS, QMS, ISMS, OHSAS, BCMS, and ITSM among others.


I took his infosectrain class. He is a very good Security expert and has lots of industry & training experience. He is very punctual about the class timing and explained everything and put extra time if some for slow students.

Mohammed I


I would like to thank Trainer for the enhanced training provided for my course preparation.He has extensive knowledge in this topic a constant motivator and a brilliant person.



The way he teaches, the way he clears concepts.. you can feel the difference. Trainer dropped down to my level of understanding and then pulled me up! That is not what a “just teacher” does.



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