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Empowering Threat Detection

Empowering Threat Detection Capabilities with CTIA

Nowadays, the most severe attacks and data breaches result from very well-planned and complex attackers who target specific organizations and people. These attackers make the threat detection process very difficult because: Multi-phase campings and social engineering techniques cannot be easily detected ...

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Role and Responsibilities of Threat Analyst

Role and Responsibilities of Threat Analyst

What is a Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst? A Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst is a position that helps create battle-ready threats posture for your organization working with IT, cybersecurity team, management, and CCISO. The CTIA is key to staying ahead on a cybersecurity battlefield. Inf...

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How to become a Threat Analyst

How to Become a Threat Analyst?

Today, the Cybersecurity industry faces various challenges, including increasingly determined threat actors, data full of irrelevant information and false alarms, unconnected security systems, and a serious shortage of skilled professionals. Although around $124 billion will be spent worldwide on Cybersecurit...

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Getting to know CTIA

Getting To Know CTIA (Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst)

About Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) is a combination of cybersecurity and threat intelligence to help identify and reduce business risks and  unknown threats into known threats. It allows cybersecurity professionals to increase their skills in bu...

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Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools

Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools in 2021

Cyber threat intelligence is used for collecting necessary information about new and old threat actors from various sources. The collected data is analyzed, processed, and converted into useful threat intelligence. This intelligence is further utilized to develop automated security control solutions and creat...

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Whatsapp policy updates – Privacy infringement?

“Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA” goes the first line in the Whatsapp Privacy policy page. With the whole tech world analyzing the new ‘Terms and conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ updates of Whatsapp that was issued as an in-app notification for most Whatsapp users on January 4th , 2...

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CTIA course outline

CTIA Course outline

Some organizations have the resources and skills to secure their IT infrastructure against security threats; however, many organizations cannot do so. Organizations have a state-of-the-art security software solution or pay thousands of dollars for security tools. Even after that, no organization is entirely s...

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