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Azure Security Combo (Administrator + Security)
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The Azure Combo (AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certification + Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies Training & Certification) helps you validate the competencies of candidates in managing cloud services, including computing, networking, storage, security, and other Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities. Join the Azure Security Combo course that is a combination of AZ-104 and AZ-500, to get a better insight into Azure security core services and capabilities. The training is entirely based on the certification curriculum. The certification and training render across the board understanding of cloud services across the entire IT lifecycle, including applications, infrastructure services, and environments, will help you learn an efficient way to implement secure infrastructure solutions in the Microsoft Azure platform.

Combo (AZ 104 & AZ 500) Course Highlights

  • 48 hrs of instructor-led training
  • 4 hrs/day in Weekend/Weekday
  • Certified Trainer
  • Official Microsoft Curriculum covered

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Combo (AZ 104 & AZ 500) Course Description


The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator and AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security courses aim to enhance the latest knowledge and skillset of various Microsoft Azure Cloud levels. Candidates also gain hands-on exposure to optimize cloud performance and scalability, provisioning, reliability, and monitoring.

This extensive training and certification authenticate the capability of aspiring Azure Administrators and Security experts in managing Azure resources and subscriptions, storage implementation and management, VMs deployment and management, configuration and management of virtual networks, identity management, and implement secure infrastructure solutions.

This Azure Security Combo course tends to explain:

  • Management of Azure resources and subscriptions
  • Implementation and management of Azure cloud storage
  • Deployment and management of VMs in Azure
  • Configuration and management of Azure virtual networks
  • Performance of identity management
  • Performance of the deployment of ARM templates
  • Implementation of security controls
  • Maintenance of the security posture
  • Managing identity and access and
  • Protection of data, applications, and networks.
  • Identification and fixation of vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools,
  • Implementation of threat protection, and
  • Response to security incident escalations
  • Managing Azure identity and access
  • Implementing Azure platform protection
  • Managing Azure security operations
  • Securing data and applications on Azure
Why Azure Security Combo Course with Infosec Train?

The AZ-104 and AZ-500 exams have been designed to test candidates for their knowledge of Azure Administrator and advanced security that will help them get the experience of working with various aspects of Microsoft Azure. During this course, you will consistently build and expand upon your Administrator and Security knowledge and hands-on experience working with Azure technologies. This Microsoft Azure Security Combo Course aims to enhance your knowledge on:

  • Identity and security,
  • Hybrid cloud,
  • Monitoring,
  • Encryption,
  • Database security, and
  • Securing apps and services for the cloud.

This certification is the validation of your updated knowledge of Azure Administrator and Security technologies, which makes you more employable.

Target Audience

  • Azure Administrators
  • Azure Cloud Engineers
  • Systems Administrators intending to advance their Azure skills
  • IT professionals looking forward to becoming Azure Security Engineers
  • IT professionals preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-500 exam


  • Basic understanding of networking
  • Basic understanding of Windows/Linux OS
  • Exposure to working with PowerShell Client on Windows or macOS
  • Suggested to have knowledge of Microsoft Azure administrator associate
  • Understanding of basic IT security principles

Exam Information

It is a combo course, so there will be two different exams for Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam AZ-104 and Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. Both the exams follow the pattern of Multiple-Choice Questions. The candidates need to pass the following certification exam to get recognized as a certified Azure Administrator and Microsoft Azure Security Engineer:

Certification Name Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam AZ-104
Number of Questions 40 to 60
Test Duration 180 minutes
Passing score 700 out of 1000


Certification Name Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam AZ-500
Number of Questions 40 to 60
Test Duration 180 minutes
Passing score 700 out of 1000



6 + 69 =

Combo (AZ 104 & AZ 500) Course Content

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-104 Azure certification provides an in-depth understanding of:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Implementing and managing Azure storage
  • Deployment and management of the virtual machines (VMs)
  • Configuration and management of the virtual networks
  • Monitor and backup Azure resources

Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies

AZ-500 Azure certification provides an in-depth understanding of:

Module 1: Manage Identity and Access

  • Configure Azure Active Directory for Azure workloads and subscriptions
  • Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  • Configure security for an Azure subscription

Module 2: Implement Platform Protection

  • Understand cloud security
  • Build a network
  • Secure network
  • Implement host security
  • Implement platform security
  • Implement subscription security

Module 3: Manage Security Operations

  • Configure security services
  • Configure security policies by using Azure Security Center
  • Manage security alerts
  • Respond to and remediate security issues
  • Create security baselines

Module 4: Secure Data and applications

  • Configure security policies to manage data
  • Configure security for data infrastructure
  • Configure encryption for data at rest
  • Understand application security
  • Implement security for application lifecycle
  • Secure applications
  • Configure and manage Azure Key Vault

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Combo (AZ 104 & AZ 500) Our Course Advisor

Combo (AZ 104 & AZ 500) Course Benefits

The Azure Security Combo (AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator + Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies) helps candidates qualify the different levels of Azure cloud certifications and drives career benefits by landing highly-demanded jobs in the Microsoft Azure landscape. Here are some of the notable career benefits of InfosecTrain’s ‘Azure Security Combo Course‘:

  • Hands-on expertise in services and technologies improves the capabilities of professionals to address tasks in professional roles easily.
  • Training for combo training course showcases candidates’ commitment to skill development and gaining knowledge about Microsoft Azure Administrator and Microsoft Azure Security.
  • Azure Security Combo also provides an initiative for candidates to pursue comprehensive administrator and security expertise on a notable public cloud platform.

So, candidates can notice the numerous benefits of InfosecTrain’s new Azure Security Combo Training for their careers. Enroll right now for capitalizing on multiple career opportunities.

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