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Why choose SailPoint over some other Tool?

Protecting your organization’s data and solutions is crucial in today’s world. Your organization will be seriously impacted if unauthorized individuals access specific data. We live in a digital age where technology is employed to do even the most fundamental tasks. An organization’s principal purpose is to provide high-quality products and services, protect clients’ personal information, and maintain confidentiality. Securing your organization’s data and access is becoming increasingly complex as technology links more users, services, and information. The industry has created the SailPoint platform to mitigate such situations, a cutting-edge technology incorporating machine learning and AI.

Why choose SailPoint over some other Tool

Table of Contents
What is SailPoint?
Overview of SailPoint IdentityIQ
SailPoint IdentityIQ Components
Why SailPoint?

What is SailPoint?

SailPoint is the organization that has its product which is IdentityIQ. It is a product that does your Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and manages your identity management. It also has cloud-based access management, which is limited.

SailPoint is an integrated identity management solution that reduces the cost and complication of identity management for consumers while still giving them access. It has the largest market share and the highest demand for global identity access management software knowledge.

Retaining knowledge access in today’s dominant, data-driven environment is a challenge requiring more than ever from Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology. In Identity and Access Management (IAM), SailPoint is regarded as a global leader. Organizations are widely using IdentityIQ and its open identity platform to put IAM at the forefront of their security and IT policies, allowing them to observe and regulate access throughout the organization.

Overview of SailPoint IdentityIQ

In today’s digital world, various products are available in the market, providing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to organizations’ applications. Then why only SailPoint IdentityIQ? And the answer must be its approach to providing solutions. IdentityIQ by SailPoint maintains complex hybrid IT infrastructures and simplifies the identity management process across cloud, mobile, and on-premises platforms. Most IDM tools are IT-centric, and their effectiveness heavily depends on the IT helpdesk and technical team. SailPoint intends to move more and more identity and access processes from the IT technical team to end users, reducing reliance on the technical staff as much as feasible.

Other IDM products are more IT-oriented, whereas SailPoint is more business-oriented. SailPoint is the only platform that integrates provisioning and enforcement features in one solution, which handles all aspects of Identity and Access Management (IAM), including access certificates, policy enforcement, account provisioning, and user-friendly lifecycle management.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Components

SailPoint IdentityIQ is made up of four main components.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Components

1. Compliance Manager
Compliance Manager in SailPoint IdentityIQ automates the standard policy management, audit reporting, and access certification. The Compliance Manager facilitates allocating the most critical compliance tasks and emphasizes controls on the users, services, and access privileges that pose the highest risk.

  • It detects and prevents unauthorized access and violation of the organization’s policies.
  • During mergers and acquisitions, it assures legality and effectively manages risk.

2. Lifecycle Manager
Lifecycle Manager in SailPoint IdentityIQ allows users to quickly request access and reset passwords from user-friendly interfaces.

  • It allows corporate users to request and control access on their own.
  • It allows users to request access and reset passwords from user-friendly interfaces easily.
  • It provides faster access delivery using automated identity lifecycle management.
  • It provides centralized access and changes the requesting process.

3. Governance Platform
The governance platform in SailPoint IdentityIQ provides centralized identity data, integrates organizational policy, models roles, and manages user and resource risk factors in real time. This security intelligence enables enterprises to implement preventive measures for important identity business activities such as access certifications, access requests, lifecycle management, and provisioning.

4. User Provisioning
User provisioning in SailPoint IdentityIQ acts as a bridge between the lifecycle process and compliance. It allows the consistent user interface and function at the business layer separated from the IT process for implementing change.

  • Accelerate the provisioning of modifications to controlled services.
  • Enhance productivity by making changes in accordance with policy.
  • Make provisioning modification documentation for auditors.

Why SailPoint?

As technology connects more individuals, services, and information, these interconnections create more vulnerability. Identity security is the quickest and safest way to conduct your digital transformation faster and risk-free. SailPoint tool for Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the leader in access management. Then how is SailPoint different from other softwares? So let’s take a look at why SailPoint?

1. Provision with confidence
With Artificial Intelligence’s increased visibility and controls, SailPoint IdentityIQ manages, automates, and governs access in real-time.

2. Protect at scale
A cloud-critical, threat-intensive world enables enterprises to operate at speed, security, and scale.

3. Comply with certainty
It controls access, monitors usage, and enacts policies for all users, apps, and data in real time.

4. Its unmatched visibility
SailPoint obtained a comprehensive view of all access across businesses, including hidden and unknown risks that could damage the company’s security.

5. Its unmatched automation
To offer, manage, and protect access to critical business resources, SailPoint replaces the manual procedure with an automated workflow.

6. Its unmatched acceleration
SailPoint virtualizes and speeds processes that rely on people and technology.

7. Its unmatched intelligence
With Artificial Intelligence’s enhanced visibility, detection, and remediation that adapts as the business grows, SailPoint stays ahead of the security curve.

SailPoint IdentityIQ with InfosecTrain

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