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Why Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH v10) Certification Training Still in Demand – 2019 Edition

We all would agree to the fact that internet today has become an inseparable part of our lives. At the same time we are also aware that the convenience of the internet, along with itself has brought a threat to cyber security. The news of personal datas getting hacked doesn’t even surprise us anymore. Even multinationals are not safe from the threat of being attacked by the illegal hackers. This has generated a huge demand for the professionals with sound knowledge of the similar tools and thought process as any malicious hacker.
These skilled professionals, who are capable of looking out for vulnerabilities of a particular system/ firm are professionally known as Ethical Hackers. They think and work like any hacker but in a legal manner and with the permission of that particular network. Companies around the world are looking for best of the ethical hackers to continuously find out for their weaknesses, test entry points, decide thetargets priority, and to create a strategy to make the most of their resources.

The pace at which the technology is changing, it is not easy to keep a firm hold in the business world without adopting the latest technology. The more technology centric you are, the better is the growth of your business. This simple principle has made the companies to put most of their information and datas on the cloud. So far all the online informations were managed and protected well by the regular IT professional. But soon the web users realised that hackers are the creative bunch. They keep innovating new ways of breaking into the network of the company and steal their datas.
Thus, this entire concept has turned into a vicious circle. The better is the presence on the web, the more is the growth of the business and the more is the presence on the web, the higher is the risk to cyber security. To over come all such obstacles, companies now need certified Ethical hackers.

The never ending requirement of the Certified Ethical Hackers can be summarised as:

  • The continuous growth of business on the internet world is not going to cease ever and neither the threats to the cyber security.
  • Certified Ethical Hackers are the assurance to the safety of the online datas of any business.
  • Hiring a certified Ethical Hackers means better protectionof a company’s data and reputations.
  • According to a survey the cyber security market is expected to grow to USD 35 billion by 2025 and by 2020 India will need at least one million skilled people.
  • Certified Cyber Security Professional means better job opportunities and 20%-30% more salary than other IT professional.

We now understand that there is a major scarcity of professionals with Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH v10) Certification Training. Since the government establishments and private firms are continuously being targeted by the illegal hackers, cybersecurity professionals are always in demand. Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH v10) Certification Training can turn up to be a career changing decision as it offers exciting job profile and a handsome salary.
Due to the huge demand of this training program, there are many institutions that have launched their course in this field. It is very important to be careful while looking for the best place to get your certification training. Infosectrain is one of the place to experience the world class training in Ethical Hacking. Here you will get the latest technology oriented training along with the freedom to choose your schedule. To make it convenient for its clients, Infosectrain offers multiple options like classroom training, online training and also onsite training. The experienced faculty here make sure to train you at your preferred speed of learning. Training sessions are interesting and easy to comprehend. Besides certification, Infosectrain takes complete care of accommodation, sightseeing, visa help for its outstation clients. Learning here is an assurance for a brighter future.