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What’s new in IBM QRadar SIEM?

In the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations face the daunting challenge of protecting their networks and sensitive data from an ever-increasing number of threats. To effectively defend against these threats, organizations require a comprehensive and intelligent security solution that can detect, analyze, and respond to potential security incidents in real time. This is where IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comes into play.

What's new in IBM QRadar SIEM

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What is IBM QRadar SIEM?
An Overview of IBM QRadar SIEM Course from InfosecTrain
Old vs. New IBM QRadar SIEM
Overview of New IBM QRadar SIEM Course

What is IBM QRadar SIEM?

IBM QRadar SIEM is a powerful and widely adopted security intelligence platform that provides organizations with a centralized system for collecting, analyzing, and correlating security events from various sources across the network. By consolidating data from diverse security devices and systems, QRadar SIEM offers a holistic view of an organization’s security posture, enabling efficient threat detection and response.

QRadar SIEM employs advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to identify and prioritize security events, helping security teams focus their attention on the most critical threats. It combines log management, network behavior analysis, and anomaly detection to detect malicious activities, insider threats, and other suspicious behaviors that may indicate a security incident.

An Overview of IBM QRadar SIEM Course from InfosecTrain

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed organizational operations, including a shift to remote work. This has increased the need for robust security measures to counteract the heightened risk landscape. Mobile devices account for over 55% of internet traffic and have become crucial in professional settings, making investing in advanced mobile security solutions vital.

To address emerging threats effectively, organizations should consider implementing comprehensive security solutions. This includes secure mobile device management, encrypted communication channels, advanced threat intelligence platforms, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

The IBM QRadar SIEM course InfosecTrain equips candidates with the knowledge and skills needed for effective security information and event management. The course covers essential topics such as the basics of a Security Operations Center (SOC), QRadar, and working with event-triggered offenses. Participants gain a deep understanding of QRadar SIEM component architecture and data flows, enabling them to interpret system monitoring dashboards proficiently. The course also emphasizes investigating asset vulnerabilities and services, equipping candidates with crucial security management skills.

The updated IBM QRadar SIEM course from InfosecTrain incorporates advanced modules to enhance participants’ expertise. These modules introduce new topics and techniques, allowing candidates to stay ahead of evolving threats and strengthen their security capabilities.

Old vs. New IBM QRadar SIEM

  • Introduction to SOC
  • Introduction to QRadar
  • Working with Logs
  • Monitoring
  • Intercept
  • Advanced Topics
  • Introduction to SIEM
  • SIEM Guidelines and Architecture
  • SIEM and Automation
  • Introduction to QRadar
  • Working with Logs
  • Monitoring with QRadar
  • Investigating with QRadar
  • Advanced Operations with QRadar

Overview of New IBM QRadar SIEM Course

  1. Introduction to SIEM: A comprehensive introduction to the concept of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), its importance in cybersecurity, and the role of SIEM in security information management and security event management.
  2. SIEM Guidelines and Architecture: Understanding the guidelines and architectural considerations for implementing an effective SIEM solution, including the capabilities of SIEM systems such as aggregation, correlation, reporting, storage, and alerts.
  3. SIEM and Automation: Exploring the integration of SIEM with automation technologies, highlighting the benefits of automating certain security tasks and processes within the SIEM environment.
  4. Introduction to QRadar: Providing an overview of IBM QRadar SIEM, including its component architecture and data flows, and familiarizing learners with the QRadar SIEM user interface.
  5. Working with Logs: Practical exercises on working with logs in QRadar, including adding sample logs, analyzing offenses triggered by events and flows, and understanding events associated with an offense.
  6. Monitoring with QRadar: Learning how to monitor QRadar notifications, interpret system monitoring dashboards, investigate suspected attacks and policy breaches, and effectively search, filter, group, and analyze security data using QRadar.
  7. Investigating with QRadar: Enhancing investigation skills by exploring vulnerabilities and services of assets, analyzing events and flows, utilizing index management and aggregated data management, and performing advanced searches using AQL (Aerial Query Language).
  8. Advanced Operations with QRadar: Advancing the knowledge by creating custom log source types, leveraging reference data collections, developing custom rules, and deploying QRadar apps for advanced operations.

The new IBM QRadar SIEM course offers a significantly expanded curriculum compared to its predecessor. It encompasses almost double the number of topics directly related to QRadar. This updated course provides a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of QRadar’s capabilities, allowing participants to acquire a broader skill set and knowledge base in using the SIEM solution effectively for security management and incident response.

IBM QRadar SIEM with InfosecTrain

InfosecTrain offers an extensive training program on IBM QRadar SIEM. This exhaustive course covers various aspects of QRadar and provides participants with the comprehension and skills required to utilize the SIEM solution effectively for security monitoring and incident response.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM Online Training

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