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What Makes Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification a Must Have in 2019?

As a professional working in the IT sector or planning to work for it, you cannot ignore the importance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification. Since there is so much going on in this budding area of business that you just cannot expect your career to grow well with your stale and outdated skills. No matter how efficient you are with your hands-on experience, certification is still preferred by the employers as they validate your skills in a particular domain. Cloud computing is the latest expansion in the IT sector. At present, it is the need of every organization and thus, professionals with authentic knowledge in this domain are assured to have an excellent career.

The companies all over the world, irrespective of their sizes, are switching from their own infrastructure for data and applications management to public cloud configurations. This internet-based technology has grabbed the attention of all the companies, irrespective of their product or services. Experts of the industry claim that cloud platform will be adopted by the mid-sized and large companies in the future. Gartner Survey Report predicts that Public Cloud Market will reach from$260 billion in 2017 to around $411 billion in 2020. This speaks volumes about the opportunities that are awaiting professionals in the field of cloud. This is the right time you must update your skillset with a certification in Cloud Computing. The question which very naturally comes to our mind is why should we prefer AWS Certification when there are many other options available in the market? To get the answer to this question, let’s first have a brief introduction to AWS.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS was launched 12 years back and has been the market leader since then.

AWS has many dominant features like

  • configuration,
  • monitoring,
  • security
  • Organization friendly services
  • reachable around the globe
  • flexibility and open to services

With its overwhelming options and cost management, it sometimes turns out to be difficult to use. AWS has an affordable pricing model for its cloud services. The customers can pay one the basis of their usage even on a per-hour or per-second basis. AWS is a frontrunner among the other cloud service providers, so if you get AWS certified, you will have a better value in the market.

AWS offers several different types of certifications to suit your professional requirements. To get the certification, you will have to get through an exam. Here, I would suggest enrolling for the AWS Certification training before attempting the exam. Some of the benefits which you will experience after you become AWS certified professional are:

Preference in the industry

As the most widely accepted cloud platform, AWS is growing very fast. As per the report of Gartner, the growth of AWS is 10 times more than its other 14 rivals. With this huge acceptance, it is obvious that as an AWS certified professional, you will be a preferred choice of the organizations.
Opportunity to learn the most in-demand skills

AWS Certification Courses include some of the most in-demand skills. These skills give you an upper hand at the time of placement or at the time of appraisal.

Improved earning potential

As per an estimation, more than 350,000 professionals are required to fill cloud jobs. At present this field is facing the scarcity of professionals who can implement cloud infrastructures in a timely and efficient manner. As AWS certification holder, you will not only be hired quickly but also be able to bargain over the salary.

Affordable and reasonable in price

AWS certification is the best in the market not only for the knowledge it offers but also because it is lesser in cost as compared to the other certifications. Thus, you can easily afford AWS Certification to validate your knowledge and skill set.

If you are looking for AWS certification classes to get guidance to achieve this certification, you must get yourself enrolled to InfosecTrain. They have AWS Certification Training for both end users and organizations that use cloud services. You can choose either regular or online training as per your convenience. For more information please visit the official website of InfoSecTrain.

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