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Know More About CompTIA Data+

What exactly is CompTIA Data+?

CompTIA Data+ is a certification for professionals whose responsibilities lie in promoting and facilitating companies’ data-driven decisions, interpreting data well, using data intelligently, and avoiding confounding factors. CompTIA Data+ certification holders have the knowledge and ability to translate business requirements into data-driven decisions by

  • Data mining
  • Data manipulation
  • Using fundamental statistical procedures
  • Analyzing complicated datasets while adhering to governance and quality criteria throughout the data lifecycle.

Know More About CompTIA Data+

Even career paths other than data-related careers can benefit from data analytics processes and knowledge. When they are able to use and evaluate data correctly, professionals such as marketing specialists, financial analysts, human resource analysts, or clinical health care analysts can maximize performance and make informed decisions. So, if you are into these professions, do attend this CompTIA Data+ certification course provided by InfosecTrain.

CompTIA Data+ is drafted for professionals who are:
1. Data Analysts: The Data Analyst acts as a gatekeeper for an organization’s data, ensuring that all stakeholders understand the information and can use it to make smart business decisions. It’s a technical position that necessitates a bachelor’s or master’s degree in analytics, computer modeling, science, or mathematics.

2. Business Data Analysts: Professionals that work as Business Data Analysts have a very dynamic function to perform in an organization. The function of a business analyst is often conflated with that of a Data Analyst. However, depending on the organization, the difference between the two can be significant. Professionals that work as Business Data Analysts serve as a link between an organization’s technical and business domains.
A Business Data Analyst analyzes the company, documents organizational processes, evaluates business models, and suggests new technical developments. A Business Data Analyst is also in charge of upgrading existing processes, goods, services, and software, performing data analysis, and discovering flaws.

3. Reporting Analysts: By studying measurements and creating reports, Reporting Analysts aid in making crucial business decisions. They report their findings to their bosses and frequently make recommendations based on their findings. A bachelor’s degree in finance, business, information systems, or a related discipline is required for Reporting Analysts.
CompTIA Data+ with InfosecTrain

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Course Content

With the CompTIA Data+ course at InfosecTrain, you will understand:

Data Mining:

Data mining is a method for extracting usable data from a larger quantity of unusable data. It employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms to segment data and assess future events’ probability. Knowledge Discovery (KDD) in Data Mining is another name for data mining. Companies such as Amazon employ early data mining to examine massive volumes of scanner data from supermarkets.

Data Manipulation:

The process of modifying data to make it more organized and simpler to read is known as data manipulation. DML (Data Manipulation Language) is a computer programming language for adjusting data in a database by inserting, deleting, and changing data in order to map or cleanse the data.

On computers, there are four main sorts of data manipulation:

  • Moving data around untouched
  • Doing arithmetic operations on data
  • Testing data
  • Performing logic operations on data

CompTIA Data+

Data Reporting:

Inaccurate data reporting can lead to poor decision-making based on inaccurate facts. Data reporting is the process of collecting and submitting data that gives rise to accurate analysis of the facts on the ground.

Data Visualization:

Data visualization is an interdisciplinary domain that pacts with the graphic replica of data. It is a very effective communication method when the data is huge, such as in a time series.

Career Benefits

Here are the different job opportunities with CompTIA Data+ with their respective salaries.

  • Data Analyst → $78,063
  • Reporting Analyst → $67,377
  • Business Data Analyst → $55,156
  • Operations Analyst → $84,810
  • Business Intelligence Analyst → $86,865

Companies that hire certified CompTIA Data+ professionals

  • Value labs
  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • Uber

CompTIA Data+ career objectives

Why Choose InfosecTrain for CompTIA Data+?

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So if you are interested in learning CompTIA Data+, do check out our website.

CompTIA Data+

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