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ISACA’s CDPSE Exam Study Guide

ISACA sponsors the CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer) certification. This certification mainly concentrates on the implementation of privacy solutions from both a governance and technical perspective.

CDPSE is meant to demonstrate expertise in three areas. These areas are referred to as “work-related domains” by ISACA:

ISACA’s CDPSE Exam Study Guide

Privacy governance: Privacy governance includes governance, management, and risk management.

Privacy architecture: The Privacy architecture includes infrastructure, applications and software, and technical privacy controls.

Data lifecycle: The data lifecycle includes data purpose and data persistence.

To get the CDPSE certificate, you have to complete only three steps. They are:

  • Pass the CDPSE exam
  • Adhere to the ISACA’s professional ethics
  • Should have the required minimum work experience

So, in this blog, you will witness the domains of CDPSE and learn some tips and tricks to pass this exam.

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) Online Training & Certification Course

CDPSE domains

Privacy governance (34%): Individuals and organizations need privacy governance skills to properly manage all aspects of privacy inside a business or organization. These abilities enable enterprises to create and comprehend privacy policies, privacy programs, and legal and regulatory needs for unique markets.

It is nearly impossible to operate any serious business without running afoul of rules and laws in many parts of the globe without privacy governance. Privacy governance also ensures that industry best practices for sensitive information and processes are followed.

Privacy architecture (36%):

Privacy architecture comprises 36% of the material contained within the CDPSE knowledge domains. In particular, this domain examines how software, hardware, enterprise technologies, and the personnel who manage them can work together in a privacy architecture. Furthermore, this domain includes the technical privacy controls that need to be in place to protect data privacy and the evaluation of how well they are applied.

Data lifecycle (30%): The third domain of the CDPSE knowledge domain addresses the remaining 30% of concepts. This includes the data lifecycle components. This domain applies data privacy controls and best practices to each phase of the data lifecycle, including data storage within organizations and how to evaluate whether data is adequately protected.

Now let us see how to prepare for the CDPSE exam.

Exam study guide

Know exam details: Before starting to prepare for any exam, the first thing you have to do is, know the exam details, like the number of questions you will have to face, the number of hours you will get to complete the exam, and the pass percentage. These details will help you prepare for your exam accurately.

CDPSE exam details:

CDPSE exam details

Practice exams: Taking practice tests is one of the most important things you can do when you are preparing for an exam. Taking these tests will improve your knowledge, and help you understand the types of questions you will face, and you will learn to utilize the time to its fullest.

Join study groups: To become a CDPSE professional, the applicant must consistently gain as well as share knowledge. As a result, we urge you to participate in particular research to debate the themes with people who share your objectives. This will serve as a guide for the applicant as they prepare.

Get a study buddy: If you know someone preparing to take the CDPSE exam or someone who has already passed the exam, taking their guidance is recommended. A person who can clear up your doubts and share your ideas will help you gain a better understanding of the topic.

Instructor-led training: To pass exams like the CDPSE, instructor-led training is essential. Because for exams like this one, you will need someone to help you clarify your doubts, guide your study plan, or explain the topic clearly. It can be a friend that has passed this exam or an experienced professional, and Infosec Train has certified experts that can help you succeed in this exam.

Create a study plan: Everything that we do requires a plan, and if we are preparing for an exam, then planning is essential. Organize your time and make a list of the things you need to accomplish. This will keep you focused and organized.

Books and Guides: Study guides and books should be the next step in the preparation process. Aspirants are encouraged to look for books that offer relevant information. Studying various books will undoubtedly help candidates gain a deeper understanding of the exam.

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) Online Training & Certification Course

After reading all this, you may ask, is CDPSE really worth it? It definitely is. Why? Because

With the cybersecurity skills gap increasing and concerns about data privacy and security increasing, there has been an emphasis placed more on experience and certifications than on formal degrees. While CDPSE credentials do not discount the rigor and benefits of degree programs specializing in security and risk management, they do indicate your training and expertise in implementing privacy and security standards into an organization’s technology systems and applications.

So, you want to learn more about CDPSE? Join InfosecTrain for the best training.

CDPSE with InfosecTrain:

Due to growing knowledge in the digital age, the notion of “privacy” has gained traction. ISACA’s CDPSE certification, or Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer, is for people with technical experience in data privacy governance, architecture, and lifecycle management. To get the perfect lessons and teachings, join InfosecTrain.


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