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How to Prepare for the CIPP/E Exam?

How to prepare for the CIPP/E Exam?

Table of Contents

What is CIPP/E Certification?
Why CIPP/E Certification?
CIPP/E Exam Overview
How to prepare for the CIPP/E Exam?

What is CIPP/E Certification?

The International Association of Privacy Professionals  (IAPP) offers Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) certification. This means it is generally accepted and proves that certified professionals have worldwide capabilities. The CIPP/E certification covers data privacy and security principles, European data protection laws and regulations, the GDPR’s 99 articles, and more.

Why CIPP/E Certification?

  • The CIPP/E is the universal professional standard for anyone joining and functioning in the privacy sector.
  • Obtaining a CIPP/E credential shows that one has a solid understanding of a framework based on principles and privacy information in the European environment, including essential subjects like Schrems II and the GDPR (including Mandatory DPOs).
  • CIPP/E certified person will be acknowledged as a member of a select group of experienced, skilled, and devoted data protection professionals.

CIPP/E Exam Overview

Exam Details

Exam Name Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)
Number of Questions 90
Exam Duration 2.5 Hours
Passing Questions 75
Language English, German, French

CIPP/E Course Content

How to prepare for the CIPP/E Exam?

Exam success is dependent on having the appropriate approach and preparation. Still, I believe that the exam should be accomplished not just to receive a label but also to gain knowledge and skills that can help you throughout your profession.

The CIPP/E certification test is the most challenging exam in the data protection sector. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go through it. You can ace this test the first time with diligence, awareness, and thorough preparation.

So here in this article, let’s discuss how to prepare for the CIPP/E exam.
1. Discover the Most Valuable Study Resources
Making the optimal study strategy for you may help you become familiar with the CIPP/E certification exam and maintain your motivation to pass it. This can be done by choosing the best study resources. You can start with the official IAPP textbook. The IAPP training sheets are helpful if you enjoy using study guides or want a quick way to review, but if that’s all you’re doing to get ready, it could get complicated.

2. Enroll in Instructor-led Training
When applicants prepare for any of the exams, the first question they ask is,  do they need a training session? It relies on your specific circumstance, previous experience in the privacy domain, willingness to invest in yourself, and, ultimately, your ambitions. But I can tell you how training with InfosecTrain can benefit you.

  • Awareness: You will gain a complete understanding of the subject matter throughout training, letting you know what to expect on exam day. It gives you a clear view to begin your preparation. You will only need to evaluate, make revisions, and take the test.
  • Learn from the group: You’ll have an excellent chance to gain knowledge from people at various phases of their privacy journey. You can gain from their inquiries and viewpoint.
  • Application in Reality: The essential thing training can do for you is teach you how to answer situational questions.
  • Resources: Depending on your chosen course, you might not need to consult any other resources because of the study materials offered.

3. Practice will Help You Improve Your Skills
You’ll need to know how to use your skills once you’ve learned them. Giving mock tests help you in your preparations. A word of caution: do not rely on sources that provide unauthorized mock tests.

4. Watch Online Tutorials
You must watch and learn from the online video as part of your CIPP/E certification exam preparation. Videos from numerous industry professionals and other reliable sources are available on YouTube. For instance:

5. Self Assessment
It’s essential to assess your progress as you study for the exam periodically. Candidates can learn about their areas of strength and the areas that need more focus by regularly self-evaluating. It is advised that applicants practice as much as they can in an exam-like setting. Given that applicants must attempt 90 questions in 2.5 hours, time management is essential during the exam. Candidates can maintain their composure during the exam by developing their time management skills.


  • Prioritize concept clarity
  • Maintain good interactions with your mentor, cohort, and network.
  • Connect with people who are preparing for CIPP/E and organize revision sessions to motivate each other.
  • Schedule the exam.
  • Don’t rely on a single resource.
  • After the training, book your exam as soon as possible.
  • Never devalue the influence of mindset.

CIPP/E with InfosecTrain

The significance of data protection has grown along with the expertise of data breaches in recent years. As a result, information security and data protection professionals are in high demand. InfosecTrain’s European Privacy training includes everything from the official GDPR to the main aspects to consider when preparing for the CIPP/E exam.


TRAINING CALENDAR of Upcoming Batches For CIPP/E

Start Date End Date Start - End Time Batch Type Training Mode Batch Status
09-Dec-2023 06-Jan-2024 19:00 - 23:00 IST Weekend Online [ Close ]
27-Jan-2024 18-Feb-2024 09:00 - 13:00 IST Weekend Online [ Open ]
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