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How to Prepare for GDPR Certification Exam

The GDPR is an entry-level certification designed for IT professionals who want to validate their knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This certification course offers a well-structured learning route to give professionals the specialized knowledge and abilities they need to deliver GDPR compliance and perform the role of a Data Protection Officer. Obtaining the GDPR certification demonstrates that you are in compliance with the new European Union Data Protection Regulation. After concluding this course, you can apply for the title of “PECB Certified GDPR Foundation.”

Table of Contents

GDPR content outline
GDPR exam details
How to prepare for the GDPR certification exam?

How to prepare for GDPR certification exam

This article offers some guidance to help you to prepare for the GDPR exam.

GDPR content outline

Domains Weightage
General provisions 5%
Definitions 15%
Principles 20%
Rights of the Data Subject 20%
Controller and Processor 20%
Transfer of personal data to third countries 10%
Independent supervisory authorities 5%
Remedies, liability, and penalties 5%

GDPR exam details

Exam Name Certified GDPR Foundation
Exam Code ITC-038
Exam Level Entry-level
Duration 60 minutes
Number of questions 40 questions
Exam format Multiple choice; computer-based;
Passing marks 70% (28 out of 40)
Exam language English and Portuguese (Brazilian)


Before taking this course, no specific formal prerequisites are needed. You should have some basic knowledge of current data protection legal requirements and a basic understanding of GDPR.

GDPR is ideal for:

  • People who are curious about the fundamental privacy concepts.
  • People who intend to move into a DPO position can use this certification to demonstrate their knowledge of privacy regulations.
  • People with interest in working in the data protection industry.
  • People in Information Security and Personal Data Protection.

How to prepare for the GDPR certification exam?

Your preparation, efforts, strategies, and dedication to your profession contribute to your success. Below are some guidelines that will help you to prepare for the GDPR exam.

1. Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives:
The starting way to raise your level of knowledge is to become familiar with and comprehend the exam objectives. Exam objectives include a summary of the exam’s content outline, divided into sections and subsections for greater comprehension of the subjects and content. You should be aware of every aspect of the exam, including the format, the number of questions, the passing score, and the prerequisites.

2. Develop strategies:
The best approach to getting ready for certification is by developing a strategy. Instead of reading too much, choose what to read, manage your time accordingly, and figure out the best way to learn new material rapidly. It will give you valuable time back, raise your productivity, and give you more self-assurance. Plan your daily activities to spend time learning, exercising correctly, and getting enough sleep.

3. Study resources:
You can prepare for the GDPR certification exam using various online or offline resources. You can use the exam-related books as references if you wish to get more in-depth information about the subject or material. Reference books can be helpful in quickly grasping concepts and topics. Furthermore, you can peruse the resources, including the white papers, boot camps, YouTube, and webinars. You are completely free to choose resources that suit your preferences and learning style. You can watch the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on our YouTube channel.

4. Enhance your expertise with instructor-led training:
Several respectable instructor-led training organizations are open to enrollment and can help you prepare. The academic experience can be beneficial and effective with the right trainer. You can study independently, but having a supportive and knowledgeable hand is always a good idea. A study manual, problem-solving sessions, video lectures, and a lot more are all included in these training courses. Selecting the appropriate training course can have a significant impact on the competition. InfosecTrain is an excellent place to start your GDPR training course.

5. Prepare study notes:
When preparing for certification exams, make a note to help you remember concepts and have a deeper understanding of a subject. To make recalling things simpler, write down some summaries or bullet points. These comments will be helpful in the last days of revisions.

6. Examine your performance using the practice test:
Practice exams can be viewed as an essential part of your preparation process. We have all heard that practice makes everyone perfect. You must start evaluating yourself through the practice exams to become certified. This will enable you to identify your areas of weakness and practice your replying techniques. Therefore, prepare yourself and earn your certification.

7. Join a group discussion:
Participate in group discussions to review the course content and discuss what you understand and still need to learn. Studying with a small group of coworkers, friends, or connections could be beneficial. Study groups will aid your exam preparation, and you can get suggestions and leadership from others during a group discussion.

8. Final exam tips:
The last piece of advice for the exam is to keep calm both during the study period and on the test day. Maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. During the examination, before choosing the answers, carefully read each option. Give your 100 % without bothering about the outcome.

Good luck! If you are committed to learning privacy and data protection, start studying immediately, thoroughly reviewing it, and maintain consistency in your preparations.

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