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Frequently Asked Question in a Penetration and Vulnerability Tester Interview

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) refers to a comprehensive type of security assessment service meant to discover and help to address cyber security vulnerabilities across an organization’s IT infrastructure. VAPT is currently one of the most sought-after occupations in the field of cyber security. The questions listed below are the most frequently asked interview questions, so make sure you understand them properly.

Penetration and Vulnerability Tester Interview

Interview Questions

Question 1. What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Answer: A Vulnerability Assessment is a quick assessment of network devices, servers, and systems to detect critical vulnerability and configuration flaws that an attacker could attack.

Question 2. What is Penetration Testing?

Answer: Penetration testing is a security practice where a cyber-security expert attempts to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system. This simulated attack aims to define any weak points in a system’s defenses that attackers could use.

Question 3. What is the need for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?


  • Enterprises can acquire actionable insights about security threats in the system
  • VAPT is critical for businesses
  • Customers frequently ask their partners and providers for security certifications VAPT comes in handy in this situation
  • VAPT safeguards data and information against unauthorized access

Question 4. What are the deliverable parts of the VAPT test?

Answer: If VPAT operations are part of an enterprise, the following deliverables keep the IT staff up to date on potential cybersecurity issues:

  • Executive Report
  • Technical Report
  • Real-time Dashboard

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Question 5. What are some tools for assessing Vulnerability?

Answer: Tools for Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Nikto2
  • Netsparker
  • OpenVAS
  • w3af
  • OpenSCAP
  • Nmap
  • Nessus

Question 6. Who is responsible for Vulnerability Assessment?

Answer: Asset Owner is responsible for Vulnerability Assessment. The IT asset that is scanned by the vulnerability management process is the responsibility of the Asset Owner.

Question 7. How often should a VAPT be performed?

Answer: VAPT should be carried out on a regular basis in accordance with the internal change cycle or laws and regulatory requirements.

Question 8. Is it possible to do only Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Testing?

Answer: Yes, either a Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Testing can be performed.

Question 9. What is the overall cost of a VAPT?

Answer: VAPT fees are usually dependent on the activity which would be completed. The estimated cost depends upon the number of devices, servers, program size, number of locations, and so on.

Question 10. When do you need a Penetration Tester?


  • Prior to entering into a contract for breach of security
  • Take note of infections, malware, and spyware on the workstation
  • Following the implementation of significant changes to a website or network
  • Unauthorized network activity has been detected

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