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Everything You Need To Know About SOC Expert Course

SOC Expert

Table of Contents

What is a SOC Analyst?
What is the SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain?
What will be covered in the SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain?
SOC Analyst Career benefits
Why SOC Expert training course?
Why the SOC Expert course with InfosecTrain?

What is a SOC Analyst?

SOC Analysts are a group of cybersecurity experts who monitor and respond to real-time security problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SOC Analysts are those who work on the SOC team. It’s usually a junior or entry-level position.

SOC stands for Security Operation Center, which is a centralized team within any business that monitors real-time threats, incidents, and suspicious activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The SOC team takes immediate action or assigns the issue to the appropriate team for further action. If an event or a compromise has already occurred, the SOC team ensures that the impact of the compromise, as well as the cost of remediation efforts, are kept to a minimum.

The SOC Analysts primarily use the SIEM tools to monitor those incidents. SIEM solutions capture logs in real-time from a variety of devices, including network devices, security devices, servers, and apps. It identifies if there is any unusual behavior throughout the network based on the logs. If there is suspicious activity, they take action or report the issue to the appropriate team for further investigation. They have different levels depending on the experience.

What is the SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain?

The SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain is curated explicitly for aspiring and experienced SOC Analysts who want to learn how to identify, assess, avoid, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. The course is divided into two levels, Level 1: SOC Analyst and Level 2: SOC Specialist, and is specifically developed to help you master trending and in-demand technical expertise to carry out a variety of complex SOC operations.

The course covers the fundamentals of SOC teams and Blue Team operation architecture and moves on to more advanced topics like digital forensics, incident response, threat intelligence, and SIEM solutions, as well as cyber kill chain and threat hunting terminologies and hypotheses.

The training course will help you inculcate both the important skills needed of SOC Analysts, which are technical skills as well as soft skills. The course also assists participants in planning their studies for the SOC Analyst certification exams, which are essential to earning the most coveted position on the SOC team.

The professionals in roles such as System Administrators, Security Consultants, Cyber Security Analysts, SOC Analysts (L1 and L2), Information Security Researchers, and more will benefit from this course.

What will be covered in the SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain?

Our SOC Expert training course is divided into two levels:

Level 1: SOC Analyst

SOC Analyst

Level 2: SOC Specialist

Let us explore what this course will cover. The SOC Analyst course is the first level of the training. Before going on to more complex topics like digital forensics, incident response, threat intelligence, and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, it covers the fundamentals of SOC teams and Blue Team operating architecture. The two popular SOC tools, Splunk and Security Onion, will also be discussed.

The course will then progress to level 2, SOC Specialist, which is also appropriate for existing SOC Analysts. The course covers the fundamentals of SOC operations and architecture before going on to advanced SIEM concepts like ELK stack primer and IBM QRadar, and crucial concepts like cyber kill chain, threat hunting terms, and hypotheses.

Career benefits:

As the threat landscape increases and the complicated attack techniques used by cybercriminals with the rapid pace of digitalization, there is a burgeoning need in this industry. Therefore, a SOC Analyst is now a must in any firm, whether it is in the pharmaceutical, construction, hospitality, finance, banking, or IT industries. They play a key role in today’s security teams because they are on the front lines of cyber defense. They keep track of network traffic, as well as IDS and IPS. They perform log analysis and vulnerability assessments and report incidents and potential threats.

This need has resulted in high demand for SOC Analysts, who can expect a variety of career opportunities as well as competitive pay. According to Glassdoor, the SOC Analyst earns up to $65,272 in the United States and ₹4,94,286 in India per year.

SOC Analyst

Why SOC Expert training course?

Every company keeps its data in digital format, so they need to deploy security tools to secure the network and data. However, these security tools now work based on signatures or predefined information, so in case an attack occurs, if those devices have the signature, they will be able to detect it; otherwise, they will not be able to detect it, and a successful compromise will occur.

Because there are always zero-day attacks in which none of the devices have signatures. In this situation, the SOC team enters the picture, and we may monitor any event or suspicious activity that goes undetected by those security devices utilizing SIEM tools. The SIEM solutions allow us to monitor all network activity at all times. So that’s why businesses are establishing SOCs so that some groups of people can monitor activity at all times. Therefore every organization requires SOC Analysts nowadays.

Why the SOC Expert course with InfosecTrain?

InfosecTrain is a globally recognized technology and security training and consulting organization that specializes in a wide range of IT security courses and services. The goal of our SOC Expert training course is to help you acquire the technical and soft skills needed in a Security Operation Center (SOC).

Some of the benefits you can leverage with this training are:

  • It will amplify your technical skills: You will gain critical abilities like analytical skills, which you will need to interpret and put into practice in the cybersecurity domain. You will learn various essential concepts like digital forensics, threat intelligence, incident response, cyber kill chain, and more. This will also enable you to obtain a variety of profitable career responsibilities in the cybersecurity realm that employs the skills you learned in the SOC Expert training course.
  • You will enhance various soft skills: A range of soft skills, including effective communication and critical thinking, are essential for a SOC Analyst. As a SOC Analyst, you must report your results to a member of your team, possibly your SOC Manager or an IT director who may not understand some of the technical languages but needs to know. This course will help you enhance those essential soft skills.
  • You will learn various SOC tools: We will provide hands-on experience with essential tools like Splunk, Security Onion, AlienVault OSSIM, Wireshark, and IBM QRadar CE to perform various SOC operations.
  • You will get the chance for open discussion: You will get the opportunity to participate in open discussions on any topic during the course. If you have a question, it will be answered in real-time.
  • It will create a competitive environment: Being in the company of others instills a competitive mindset in a person. When you see others in the realm performing better than you, you try to put in more effort and improve your performance, which will help you achieve your desired career objective.
  • You will get various resources: After the session, we will give recorded videos to all the participants as well as post-training support.

So, if you desire to start a career in cybersecurity or become a member of the SOC team as a SOC Analyst, in that case, you can enroll in our SOC Expert training course with industry specialists. We will cover all practices, and you will perform hands-on lab sessions. It is fully real-time training based on what people are doing in the organization.

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