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Ensure Your Company’s Data Protection: Cybersecurity Checklist to Follow in 2019

There is not a single day when we don’t read about cybersecurity breach in some way or the other. Due to the severe rise in cybersecurity crime, the companies around the globe have one common agenda which is to ensure the company’s data protection. Cybercrime is a threat to the organizations irrespective of their sizes. Yes, the companies with online presence are definitely vulnerable but that doesn’t mean that smaller enterprise without many interfaces to the internet is safe. Thus, it is absolutely compulsory for companies to invest in cybersecurity to protect their business and data from malicious cyber-criminals and hackers.

To fence their network and to ensure their data safety, companies hire specialist IT professionals better known as chief information security officers (CISOs). The safety of the company from cybercriminals completely depends upon the efficiency of CISOs and the team members. If you are among one of those professionals, this blog would help you with a checklist that is essential for effective cybersecurity.

Regular Audit Is Important To Find The Strengths and Weaknesses

Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your security program is important. Cybersecurity is not a one time program and it has to be constantly audited and upgraded. In the absence of the latest audit, the employees can get overconfident about the effectiveness of the security program and this may lead to disaster. Let’s accept that basic firewalls and virus protection no longer shield an enterprise from malicious attacks. It is high time to start using sophisticated, intelligent technologies which can measure issues like user and entity behaviors, privileged access behaviors, roles and permissions, security event alerts, etc. Password policies must be strengthened from time to time and backup and disaster recovery system should be reviewed. Regular audit of the security program will help in finding out the loopholes in the system. This will help in identifying the threats well in advance and you will get plenty of time to decide which technologies will help in reducing vulnerabilities at the best.

Unaware Employees Are Serious Threat

You cannot ensure the safety of your organization even with the sophisticated and expensive security program if the employees of the organization are not aware of the best practices for secure data management. According to a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of the time data security breach happens due to the careless or malicious employee in the organization. Therefore, employees must be trained about it and should be reminded of the security programs on a regular basis. This would help the employees to handle the phishing attacks. Cybersecurity audit will also help the employees in identifying the possible threat which would result in strengthening the cybersecurity arrangement. As an expert professional you are not only responsible to make the employees aware of the security program. To review and communicate the penalties for purposeful misuse of company data is also a part of your job. Such malicious employees must be punished to set an example. Do not forget to change the password or any other security permissions immediately after the breach has been identified.

Be Ready With Plan B

We cannot ignore the fact that the hackers are getting smarter day by day and there are many attack vectors that exist. No matter how strongly you have fenced the network, the fact is, it is always under the threat of cyber attack. So even when you are fully prepared by following the first two suggested steps, I would advise you to be ready with a backup plan or as we say ‘Plan B’. Advanced planning will let you quickly deal with the unexpected attacks and thus you can help in mitigating the damage. One of such advance preparation includes purchasing Cyber insurance policies. These policies are better known as cyber liability insurance coverage and offer necessary assistance to deal with the investigations, lawsuits or privacy violations in case of a data breach.

Cybersecurity is an important agenda which helps in flourishing the business. We must remember that all these above-mentioned issues can be handled only by an expert in the filed. You might be having a lot of hands-on experience but if you wish to prove your worth, a certification in the field of cybersecurity is essential. Organizations like InfosecTrain understand the requirement of the students and help in learning as per the individual’s expectations. There are online as well as classroom and onsite training available with experts of the industry. Visit their website for more details and move forward for an exciting career in the field of Cybersecurity

Sweta Choudhary
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