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CISSP Concentrations

Although Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is a instant enhancement to a person’s resume, there are other CISSP concentrations as well which equip professionals in a better and more encompassing way. They not only provide better salaried jobs but also with lot more responsibility and job growth.Each of the concentrations provides a different specialization and offer great opportunities to the takers to sharpen their skills. The common CISSP concentrations are:

cissp certification training
Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) 

ISSAP certification is for security experts dealing in the sector of architecture, it will be most beneficiary to system architects, Chief Technology officers, System designers, Network Designers, business analysts and chief security officers and covers cryptography, disaster recovery planning, Security architecture analysis, communications and network security and physical security considerations in its programme module.

cissp certification training

Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP)

ISSEP concentrations is for professionals dealing in information security in the field of engineering and is a great boost specially senior systems engineers, information assurance systems engineers, information assurance officers, information assurance analysts, and senior security analysts to have a fulfilling career and covers systems security, certifications and accreditation, risk management and technical management in its programme framework.

cissp certification training

Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP)

ISSMP concentration is designed for chief information officers, chief information security officers, senior security executives and chief technology officers dealing with information systems security management and covers law, ethics and incident management, security leadership and management, contingency planning, security compliance and security lifecycle management.

It is however required that to apply for a CISSP concentration, one should have already acquired a CISSP certification and have at least two years of work experience in the desired field of concentration, After clearing the exams for the specific CISSP concentrations, there is an endorsement period of nine months. The CISSP concentrations are more advanced and specialized than CISSP and need to be renewed every three years. These concentrations not only increase chances of faster job growth, they also equip professionals with skills to deal with job challenges providing them with the thrill of job satisfaction.  The certification for these concentrations ensures a higher pay check and puts the holders in a different league altogether than the rest of the crowd. Just like CISSP, testing for CISSP concentrations is done through Pearson VUE website. Finally on concluding tones why should you go for CISSP concentrations? If you are passionate about working in a particular field, why not be the best and go along and specialize in it as well. Of course, there is job growth and money but more than that falling into a specific field, gives you the spotlight if you are willing to work hard enough for it. The demand for IT professionals is ever increasing and if there are professionals specialized in something, there is no doubt they will be hired.

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