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A Clear Glimpse of Sailpoint IdentityIQ

In today’s market, many products offer great IDM solutions to business applications. However, Sailpoint IdentityIQ is still standing out because of its approach or the way it provides Identity Management solutions.

A clear glimpse of Sailpoint IdentityIQ

Assume there are two 5 star hotels with the same prices. In the first hotel, you have to depend upon the management for every small task like turning on the fan to switch on the geyser, and there is another hotel where you can do everything by yourself without depending on the technical staff. Which one do you choose? I prefer the second one.

Like the above example, the various existing IDM solutions are built in such a way that the users have to depend on the IT technical team or IT helpdesk. In contrast, Sailpoint IdentityIQ concentrates more on shifting the Identity and access process to the users so that the dependency on the technical team is significantly less. And the best part is Sailpoint IdentityIQ has a single-use interface which means you don’t need to use or go through various interfaces for various contexts.

Now the common question is Why Sailpoint IdentityIQ is so popular? The simple answer is unlike other IDM solutions, Sailpoint addresses all the requirements associated with Identity and Access Management because Sailpoint IdentityIQ combines “compliance and provisioning features” into one single solution.

The components of Sailpoint IdentityIQ play a more prominent role in making it so popular, and they are:

Components of Sailpoint IdentityIQ:

Just like a spider, the Sailpoint IdentityIQ also has four legs(components) without which it cannot function properly, and they are:

  1. Compliance Manager
  2. Lifecycle Manager
  3. Governance Platform
  4. User Provisioning

1. Compliance Manager: The IdentityIQ compliance manager automates auditing reports, access certification, and policy management, so you do not need to worry about the costs.
Compliance Manager identifies and prevents violations of corporate policies.

2. Lifecycle Manager: Lifecycle Manager makes the life of a user easy by allowing them to request access and passwords by themselves from a centralized and user-friendly interface. Even though the users can request access and get it, the Lifecycle Manager makes sure that the users only get the appropriate access levels for their job purpose.

3. Governance Platform: The governance Platform acts as a foundation for building a strong Identity and Access Management(IAM) within an enterprise. It installs a unique framework that centralizes identity data, role models, captures organizations’ policies, and takes a proactive and risk-based approach to manage resources and users.

4. User Provisioning: Provisioning is nothing but a process of granting, modifying, or removing the user’s access to the applications, databases, and systems based on their unique user ID. Now, user provisioning can accelerate the provisioning of access changes. It creates detailed documentation about changes to the auditors. It also enhances compliance by implementing modifications according to defined policies.

Advantages of Sailpoint IdentityIQ
1. Reduce Risk: As we have seen, users will automatically get access to the systems, folders, and applications by the IdentityIQ; few may raise questions about security, like what if the unauthorized person gets access? Relax! Sailpoint identityIQ constantly inspects the levels of access given to its users. And it makes sure that only the authorized user gets the right resources for the right reasons.

2. Reduce the costs and burden of IT helpdesk: As the users of sailpoint can request access by themselves, the burden of IT technical staff or IT helpdesk will be reduced. The primary duty of the IT admins is to control what access the business user can request.

3. PAM(Privileged Access Management) Integration: The IdentityIQ PAM Integration Module blends with current PAM solutions to enhance security and reduces risks, granting total visibility and consistent controls across privileged accounts. When utilized in association with IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager, the PAM module enables administrators to control and administer privileged accounts and their underlying access, including IdentityIQ facilitating consonant governance.

Why do organizations crave Sailpoint?

  1. Sailpoint allows users to sign in to their SaaS and web applications without remembering many passwords.
  2. IdentityIQ reduces the burden of the IT help desk
  3. IdentityIQ can offer the on-request view to “who holds the access to what” that helps to make business choices and meet audit requirements.
  4. SailPoint IdentityIQ provides the control to the user to demand access and reset passwords freely.
  5. IdentityIQ enables a secure yet traditional path to any application from any device.

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