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Shubham Bhatt ( )
Infosec Train
Shubham Bhatt holds a bachelor's degree in computer science & engineering. He is passionate about information security and has been writing on it for the past three years. Currently, he is working as a Content Writer & Editor at Infosec Train.
Top Cybersecurity trends to keep track of in 2021

Top Cybersecurity Trends to Keep Track of in 2021

Last year the corporate world witnessed some high-profile data breaches and sophisticated cyberattacks on companies, government agencies, and individuals. 2020 taught enterprises and organizations a harsh lesson. While some organizations became aware of the significance of cybersecurity, most of them struggle...

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Top Offensive Cybersecurity Engineering Tools

An Offensive Cybersecurity Engineer is a security professional with an in-depth understanding of the penetration testing process and is efficiently working within the offensive security team. His day-to-day responsibilities include identifying flaws in the complex and extensive IT infrastructure. He hacks the...

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SOC Analyst Job Profile, Skills, Certifications, and Salary.

What is a SOC Analyst? SOC Analyst is a security professional who actively monitors cybersecurity incidents within the organization and identifies threats and vulnerabilities that can pose severe risks to the IT infrastructure of the organization. SOC stands for Security Operation Center. It is a departme...

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Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools

Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools in 2021

Cyber threat intelligence is used for collecting necessary information about new and old threat actors from various sources. The collected data is analyzed, processed, and converted into useful threat intelligence. This intelligence is further utilized to develop automated security control solutions and creat...

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Infosec Train’s SOC Analyst Training Program

The security operation center is a facility in an organization that houses Cybersecurity professionals to analyze, monitor, architect and manage an organization's security posture. A SOC team comprises Security managers, security engineers, and SOC analysts. The team is responsible for monitoring the overall ...

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EC-Council Certified SOC Analyst (CSA): What you need to know

The Certified Soc Analyst (CSA) is a certification hosted by the EC-Council that validates IT security professionals' skills and expertise to join a Security Operation Centre (SOC). SOC is a team of Cybersecurity professionals responsible for monitoring and responding to an organization's security threats. Th...

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Why should you consider playing CTFs

Why should you consider playing CTF

Learning new skills is one of the most essential things to get ahead in your career. Especially if you are working in a field such as Cybersecurity, where new challenges keep arising on a regular basis. Continuous learning and upgrading your skills is the only way to keep yourself in the game. For a Cybersecu...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Capture the flag (CTF) Hacking

As cyber-attacks and data breach incidents have increased in recent years, Cybersecurity is one of the organizations' top priorities. This has resulted in high demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals in the market. To stay ahead in the continuously evolving information security domain, cybersecurity pr...

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Career opportunities after earning CEH certification

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, hosted by the EC-Council, is one of the most sought-after cybersecurity credentials that validate candidates' skills to assess and exploit the vulnerabilities to prevent possible cyber-attacks. The CEH certification covers the latest tools and methodologies to...

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