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Facebook: Another case study for data Privacy

Amidst the trending news, Facebook Data Breach has been a highlight given the large customer database and is a message to all other organizations and users to protect their information.

 data privacy policy

The first step for users should be leaving sites that have any connection to any security breaches, any gaming or quiz sites that can access your information from other sites.  Another way is to keep two accounts, one that is professional while the other one is for social media accounts so that your privacy is respected and what is professional and important retains its dignity.

 facebook privacy policy

For the entrepreneurs and business houses, however, it is much more complex, although they already have a number of security measures, in reality, they are not secure enough.  Things may go down south very quickly when outsourcing assistance from IT companies for various purposes which makes it possible for them to access and misuse the company information easily.

So, to stop from such a distress from happening we can adopt some measures which are tedious but efficient in case of a breach:

  facebook privacy policy

·        Identifying devices and application passwords that are linked and have access to company data and changing of username, password and API key every now and then to avoid breaches at the hands of disgruntled ex-employees and hackers.

 data privacy

·        Separate Credentials should be used, apart from the source credentials, when dealing with outsourced IT firms and even those should be changed every now and then.

 facebook privacy policy

·        A breach can be detected using database auditing systems but internal auditing should not be totally relied upon since minimal faults are found in such scenarios so this can be outsourced or change management software can be used to manage and track such cases.

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