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Why Choose CCAK from InfosecTrain?

Why choose CCAK from InfosecTrain

Table of Contents
What is CCAK?
What is CCAK training course at InfosecTrain?
CCAK Domains
What will be covered in the CCAK training course at InfosecTrain?
Career opportunities after learning CCAK
Why CCAK training course with InfosecTrain?

What is CCAK?

The Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) is the first credential designed for IS/IT professionals to advance their knowledge of the essential principles of auditing cloud computing systems and enhance their business’s scalability. The CCAK certification is created by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the leading provider of cloud security best practices, in partnership with ISACA, a global professional organization specializing in IT audit, privacy, cybersecurity, risk, and governance.

What is CCAK training course at InfosecTrain?

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) certification training course at InfosecTrain is intended to educate you on cloud security assessment procedures and techniques as well as to help you keep your proficiency in cloud security auditing and cloud compliance programs. This course will help you design, build and evaluate a cloud compliance program based on laws, regulations, and regulatory standards. This course will equip you to meet the unique challenges of auditing the cloud, providing the appropriate controls for confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility, and limiting the risks and costs of audit management and non-compliance.

The CCAK training course will prepare you for the CCAK exam and provide practical learning to help you expand your practical knowledge of auditing cloud computing systems. The course is divided into nine modules, each focusing on the essential principles of cloud computing system auditing.

CCAK Domains:

Domain 1: Cloud Governance
Domain 2: Cloud Compliance Program
Domain 3: CCM and CAIQ: Goals, Objectives, and Structure
Domain 4: A Threat Analysis Methodology for Cloud Using CCM
Domain 5: Evaluating a Cloud Compliance Program
Domain 6: Evaluating a Cloud Compliance Program
Domain 7: CCM Auditing Guidelines
Domain 8: Continuous Assurance and Compliance
Domain 9: STAR Program

What will be covered in the CCAK training course at InfosecTrain?

The CCAK training course from InfosecTrain teaches you different methods and techniques for assessing the security of cloud services. You will learn how to apply these methods and techniques to analyze cloud services before and while they are being provided. You will understand the difference between assessing and auditing cloud environments and traditional IT infrastructure and services. In this course, you will learn how to use a cloud-specific security controls framework to guarantee security within your business. You will learn how adopting the cloud into the ecosystem affects existing government policies and frameworks. You will learn and understand the compliance standards in the cloud.

Career opportunities after learning CCAK

The CCAK training course will assist you in achieving the following roles:

  1. Cloud Architect: A Cloud Architect is an IT professional who develops and manages a firm’s cloud computing strategies. They are responsible for cloud adoption plans, as well as application design, management, and monitoring. They also fill the gaps between sophisticated business issues and cloud-based solutions.
  2. IT Auditor: An Information Technology (IT) Auditor is responsible for analyzing an organization’s IT infrastructure to ensure procedures and systems work efficiently. They protect sensitive data by identifying and preventing IT security breaches.
  3. Compliance Manager or Compliance Specialist: A Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring that an organization follows all policies and procedures as well as ethical and regulatory standards. They carry out regular audits, assist in creating and implementing company policies, create control systems, and handle compliance issues.
  4. Cloud Compliance Manager: The Cloud Compliance Manager ensures that the organization complies with internal policies and regulatory requirements and effectively tracks and reports on the company’s status. They are responsible for creating, managing, and continually enhancing the company’s compliance programs.

Why CCAK training course with InfosecTrain?

As organizations increasingly use cloud computing services for their everyday needs, they must ensure that their cloud infrastructure is reliable and efficient. That’s why they need to do auditing in the cloud computing systems. Cloud auditing examines and enhances the system’s data availability, performance efficacy, and security. The CCAK training course with InfosecTrain helps individuals enhance their knowledge and skills, increasing their responsiveness and ability to proactively protect the confidentiality and integrity of their organization’s cloud infrastructure. Individuals who are taking this course will be better equipped to obtain the core knowledge of cloud governance, compliance, security, and auditing. This course will serve a need in the market for vendor-neutral, technical education for IT audit, security, and risk professionals to assist firms in mitigating risks and optimizing Return On Investment (ROI) in the cloud.

InfosecTrain is a renowned provider of IT security training that focuses on providing exclusive training to individuals worldwide to improve their abilities to protect themselves and their companies from being targeted by cyberattacks. We provide you with the opportunity to participate in the CCAK training course so that you can acquire the skills necessary to do Cloud Auditing. You can take the following benefits with InfosecTrain:

  • We provide 24 hours of instructor-led training to meet participant needs with our certified and experienced trainers.
  • We provide downloadable resources and other materials to help them improve or complement their learning experiences.
  • We provide recorded videos after the training session is completed to each participant to help them revisit the concepts as necessary.
  • We provide a certificate of participation to each participant that they can use on their resume.
  • We also provide post-training assistance if any participants have questions or issues and require assistance regarding the course.

So, enroll with InfosecTrain, leverage the benefits, and familiarize yourself with everything about CCAK

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