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Defend and Protect: Cybersecurity Awareness Training
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In a hyper-connected digital world, cyber threats are a daily reality. InfosecTrain’s Cybersecurity Awareness Program equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the online landscape securely. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or simply someone who wants to safeguard their digital life, this program is your gateway to a safer online experience.

Course Highlights

  • 24 Hours of Instructor-led Training
  • Post Training Support
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Scenario-Based Learning

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Course Description

Course Description

Unlock the power to defend yourself and your digital world with our Cybersecurity Awareness Program. In an increasingly interconnected and data-driven society, cyber threats are omnipresent. This comprehensive program delves
deep into the intricacies of cybersecurity, equipping you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape safely. Explore the evolving cyber threat landscape, learn vital cyber hygiene
practices including password management and secure browsing, discover strategies to safeguard your personal data and digital assets, fortify your devices against cyberattacks, master the art of secure communication and email
practices, protect your privacy on social media, develop incident response expertise, and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your cybersecurity acumen, an organization concerned
about employee awareness, or an individual simply wanting to fortify your digital defenses, this program is tailored to your needs. Delivered online with engaging video lessons, interactive exercises, expert insights, and
real-world scenarios, it empowers you to proactively guard against cyber threats, making the digital world a safer place for yourself and your community.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Program – for Organizations?
  • Cybersecurity Should Be Your TOP Priority:
    Shield your company from cyber threats by making security your #1 focus.
  • The Human Element is The Weakest Link:
    Don’t let your workforce be THE vulnerability! Learn how to fortify your team against cyberattacks.
  • Because Your Workforce is Your Best Defense:
    Train your workforce for resilience with the right knowledge and skills
Why Cybersecurity Awareness Program – for Individuals?
  • Incidents of Cyber Fraud and Cyber Crime are on the Rise:
    Shield yourself, your loved ones and your organization from being the next target by being cyber aware and spreading awareness.
  • The Need to Be Cyber Smart is Greater than Just Being Smart:
    Awareness about the tactics used by cyber criminals can save you from falling for these scams.
  • Cyber Attacks Don’t Just Target Big Organizations:
    Cyber crime is also targeted towards the common man who is vulnerable and unaware of the latest cyber threats.

Target Audience

Designed for all – from cybersecurity enthusiasts to employees of all backgrounds, because everyone should be cyber aware, whether in IT or not.


No experience required.


4 + 36 =

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance and extent of cybersecurity in the contemporary digital landscape.
  • Learn to stay safe from common cyber threats, attacks and risks.
  • Comprehend the value of digital identity management and secure access control.
  • Cultivate practices for ensuring online safety during browsing and work activities.
  • Identify the hazards linked to social media and adopt strategies to safeguard personal privacy.
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge on responding effectively to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Discern the common methods through which ransomware is distributed to end-users.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • Objective: Understand the significance and scope of cybersecurity in today’s digital age.
  • What is cybersecurity?
  • Importance of cybersecurity in personal and professional life
  • Real-world incidents and their impact on businesses and individuals

Module 2: Digital Identity and Access Management

  • Objective: Understand the importance of digital identity and how to manage access securely.
  • What is digital identity?
  • Password best practices
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Practical: Setting up MFA for a common online service

Module 3: Safe Online Behavior

  • Objective: Develop habits to ensure safety while browsing or working online.
  • Safe browsing habits and tools
  • Recognizing and avoiding suspicious links and websites
  • Importance of software updates and patches
  • Practical: Evaluating browser security settings

Module 4: Email and Communication Security

  • Objective: Learn to communicate securely and recognize potential threats in communication channels.
  • Recognizing and reporting suspicious emails
  • Secure communication tools and platforms
  • Importance of encryption in communication
  • Practical: Identifying red flags in sample emails

Module 5: Physical Security and Device Management

  • Objective: Understand the importance of securing physical devices and the data they contain.
  • Securing physical access to devices
  • Device encryption and why it matters
  • Safe disposal of old devices and data
  • Practical: Encrypting a USB drive or external hard disk

Module 6: Social Media and Personal Privacy

  • Objective: Recognize the risks associated with social media and how to protect personal privacy.
  • Risks of oversharing on social media
  • Privacy settings on popular platforms
  • Recognizing and avoiding social engineering attempts
  • Practical: Reviewing and adjusting privacy settings on a social media platform

Module 7: Introduction to Incident Response

  • Objective: Gain a basic understanding of how to respond when a cybersecurity incident occurs.
  • Basics of incident response
  • Reporting and escalation procedures
  • Importance of timely response and communication
  • Practical: Role-playing a basic incident response scenario

Module 8: Common Ransomware Delivery Methods

  • Objective: Recognize the most frequent ways ransomware is delivered to end users.
  • Phishing emails
  • Malicious downloads and drive-by downloads
  • Exploit kits and unpatched software
  • Infected USB drives and external devices
  • Practical: Analyzing real ransomware phishing emails

Module 9: Social Engineering

  • Techniques and tactics
  • Defense strategies
  • Practical: Role-playing social engineering scenarios

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1. Is this Cybersecurity Awareness Program meant for beginners with no experience?
Yes, this course is designed for beginners, enthusiasts, working professionals looking to imbibe basic cybersecurity knowledge, cyber hygiene and understanding to safeguard against cyber threats. Even L&D managers looking to build cyber resilience by training their workforce can enroll their teams for this course.
2. I am an L&D Manager. How will this training help my workforce?

This Cybersecurity Awareness Training can help your workforce –

  • Learn safe online behavior
  • Apply password best practices
  • Develop habits to ensure safety while browsing or working online.
  • Understand the importance of securing physical devices and the data they contain.
  • Gain a basic understanding of how to respond when a cybersecurity incident occurs.
  • Identifying red flags in sample emails and recognizing phishing emails
3. Can we opt for customized training?
Certainly, the course can be customized to suit your preferences.
4. Is this a certificate course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate from InfosecTrain on satisfactory completion of the training.
5. Will this training help me become a cybersecurity expert?
No, this course is meant to impart awareness on cybersecurity best practices and responsible online behaviour.
If you wish to become a cybersecurity expert, please check out our career-oriented Cybersecurity Expert

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