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An Integrated Approaches To Malware Hunting [Webinar]

An Exclusive webinar to understand the approach and mode of hunting a malware incident on a Security Operation Center. This webinar walks you through the reasons behind of getting hacked, the ransomware life cycle and its kill chain. The extreme focus of the webinar is given in regards to an Incident Response teams action and their plans on diving deep to detect and respond to malware incident. In this session, it will be well defining the process through which a SOC team needed to travel and what a SOC team should be made of.
Once on the definition level, we guide on how to building response plan and what should be its context. The detailing will go over the automation phase where we put our focus in highlighting and detailing about how to automate a SOC and the Incident Handling using playbooks and other security orchestration tools.

 Was on 30th March 2018

  From 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM IST




  • Why are attacks successful
  • It’s Ransomware era.
  • Incident Handling phases
  • Incident Response Team and Planning
  • Malware Hunting and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Complete SOC Automation for Incident Handling

Blockchain – A Technical Primer [Webinar]

An Exclusive webinar to understand blockchain and the technical details on how does it works. This webinar details you on the algorithms used, and how is the blocks been interconnected and a lot more.

 Was on 20th April 2018




  • History of Blockchain
  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Detailing Blockchain
  • Blockchain Mechanics
  • Attacks
  • Use cases & Applications

Introduction to AWS Cloud Formation


 Was on 9th June 2018




  • Introduction to AWS CloudFormation
  • Working with AWS CloudFormation Templates
  • Using CloudFormation Stack and CloudFormation Designer for creating Stacks.

Introduction to GDPR (A to Z)


 Was on 30th June 2018




  • GDPR, its Terminologies and Concepts
  • Territorial and Material Scope of GDPR
  • Data Processing Principles
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Supervision and Enforcement
  • GDPR Through Examples

Introduction to CISSP 2018


 Was on 10th June 2018




  • What’s new in CISSP 2018
  • Inside Functionality of CAT

Security Automation and Orchestration with Open Source


 Was on 17th August 2018




  • Cyber Security Response is crucial for the organization
  • SAO is more of actionable intelligence
  • Drivers for organization evaluating SAO
  • Strategies required for security automation?
  • SAO Architecture
  • Open Source – Security Automation
  • Budgeting and ROI

Introduction to CCSP


 Was on 05th October 2018




  • Study Strategy

  • Books and References

  • Topics you need to focus

Introduction to CISM

 Was on 13th October 2018




  • Study Strategy

  • Approach toward CRM

  • Topics you need to Focus