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All Self Learning > Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Self Learning Course

Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Self Learning Course 18 hours on-demand video | 73 lectures | HD 1080

Learn the fundamentals of managing Azure cloud services and reap the benefits of upskilling your cloud administration journey.

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Benefits of Self-paced Learning

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  • 73 lectures in HD 1080
  • 18 hours on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Course Description

Businesses all around the world are migrating their operations to the cloud, and they are seeking certified and skilled specialists to help them through the process. Because Azure is the second-largest cloud service provider in the market, many businesses worldwide prefer it to others, necessitating the hiring of specialists such as Azure Administrators. Azure Administrators are in charge of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions and significant services in the compute, network, security, and storage domains.

The AZ-104 training course will teach you everything you need to know about the administrative life-cycle. Learn how to manage Azure subscriptions, administer infrastructure, connect Azure and on-premises sites, construct and scale virtual machines, establish virtual networking, secure identities, manage network traffic, monitor your solution, backup and share data, and more in this course. This course will assist you in studying for the Azure Administrator (AZ-104) certification exam. Enroll now to learn everything you need to pass the AZ-104 certification exam and be a successful Azure Administrator in today’s highly competitive environment.

What you'll learn

  • How to manage Azure subscriptions
  • How to manage Azure resources
  • How to deploy and manage Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Fundamentals of identity management
  • How to configure and manage virtual networks
  • How to implement and manage Azure storage
  • Fundamentals of Azure Kubernetes and containers

Target Audience

  • Azure Cloud Engineers
  • Azure Administrators
  • Systems Administrators who want to improve their Azure knowledge


  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • A minimum of 6 months of hands-on Azure administration expertise is required
  • Fundamentals of Azure cloud platform
  • Knowledge of Azure policies and governance
  • Some experience using PowerShell, CLI, Azure portal, and ARM templates

Course content

73 lectures • 18 hours total length

Section 1:
  • Summary and resources
  • How will be using a Azure
  • Resource groups
  • Create a virtual machine
  • Create a virtual machine 2
  • Create a virtual machine 3
  • VM – Linux
Section 2:
  • CLI / power shell
  • How to delete resource group
  • VM – 104 (networking, size, connect, disks)
  • Create snapshot
  • Create a managed disk
  • Create unmanaged disk
  • Extensions
  • Create a storage account
  • Networking / boot diagnostics
  • Serial console
  • Run command / redeploy + reapply
Section 3:
  • Create accouns for backup
  • VM-1 backup / VM-2
  • VM-1 backup / VM-2 (2)
  • Usage + quotas / VM size
  • Virtual scale set / create a virtual machine scale set
  • Virtual machine skill set (VMSS-101)
  • Proximity placement group
  • Web application
Section 4:
  • Container
  • Command Lab
  • Container Instance
  • Azure Kubernetes
  • Subnets & Networking LAB
  • LAB Module
Section 5:
  • Load Balancer & SKU
  • Load Balancer Practical
  • Inbound NAT Rule
  • Application Gateway
  • VPN
  • Application Gateway 2
  • VPN 2
  • VPN Practical
Section 6:
  • Cloud and VPN
  • Creating Routes
  • Creating Routes (2)
  • User defined routes
  • Jump servers
  • Firewalls and jump servers
  • Azure firewall subnet
  • Azure firewall subnet (2)
  • Express Route
  • Network watcher
  • Vnet peering
Section 9:
  • Azure storage services
  • Replication of azure storage account
  • Creating Azure storage account and container
  • Azure storage explorer
  • How to create a file share
  • Shared access signature
  • Azure Fileshare
  • Azure File Sync
  • Azure file sync agent
  • Deleting sync group
  • Connecting a Network
  • Configuration and data protection
  • Azure data migration
Section 8:
  • Log analytic workspace (LAW)
  • Log analytic workspace (2)
  • LAW monitor – Logs
  • Azure active directory
  • Active directory features
  • How to create groups
  • Understanding different roles
  • Why there is need for multiple supscription
  • Understanding and assigning different roles
$ 10 $ 99   90 % off
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  • 73 lectures in HD 1080
  • 18 hours on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure Administrator?

In a cloud environment, an Azure Administrator implements, administers, and monitors identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks.

Is AZ-104 a simple exam to pass?

The AZ-104 certification exam is graded as ‘Intermediate’ compared to other Microsoft role-based examinations.

What is the validity of AZ-104?
AZ-104 certification is valid for two (2) years.
Is the AZ-900 test an open book exam?
Please be aware that this is not an open book test. During the exam, you will be given a Proctor who will oversee the procedure.
Is it a wise option to work as an Azure administrator?

The demand for the Azure Administrator position is high, and it is steadily surging. Several Fortune 500 businesses adopt Microsoft Azure; as a result, there is a significant demand for the role.

Is the AZ-900 a multiple-choice exam?
Most tests include about 40-60 questions, according to the Certification Exam Policies & FAQ. The questions will all be multiple choice, with a passing score of 700 out of 1000.
Is coding required for Azure Administrators?
Azure is a platform that may be learned without any prior programming knowledge. However, you may need to write some configuration code or a deployment script if you want to publish an application to Azure.
What do Azure Administrators get paid?

According to Glassdoor, the national average income for an Azure Administrator in the United States is $44,033, while in India, it is ₹5,48,031.

How Self-paced Learning Work?
  • Step 1: Enroll into the Course
  • Step 2: Receive the LMS credentials in your registered email ID
  • Step 3: After course completion, Fill the feedback form
  • Step 4: You will receive your Self-paced Learning course completion certification within 3-4 days
How can I resolve any queries?
Our sales executives will help you resolve your queries. You can connect them at our numbers:
Call: IND: 1800-843-7890 / US: +1 657-722-11127 / UK : +44 7451 208413 / UAE: +971 564 23 6252
or send an email at sales@infosectrain.com
How long will I get access to the course?
Once you purchase the course, you can access it whenever you need until the course is deleted from the database
Can I download the videos?
No, you cannot download the videos
Can I opt for an instructor-led course after purchasing a self-paced course?
Yes, you can connect with our sales executive to get details on the latest batch.
How do I access the course after purchase?
Login information will be emailed to you within 12-24 hours (Mon-Fri) and 24-48 hours (Sat-Sun). You can login to lms.infosectrain.com with the given credentials to access the course.
Are these video based online self-learning courses?

Yes. You can learn from these videos at your own pace and time.

Do I get any certification after completing the course?
Yes, you get a certificate of completion once you have viewed all the videos for the said course.
Is there any free trial?
No. There is no free trial available, however, there are certain videos available for preview. You can view them before purchasing the course.

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