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Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional without a Tech Degree

Given the rate at which the modern world is progressing and becoming increasingly reliant on portable computing and the Internet for most procedures, the demand for Cyber Security Professionals has skyrocketed. This article will discuss all about cybersecurity professionals and how you can become one without a tech degree. To pursue a successful Cybersecurity career in 2022, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience.

Cybersecurity Professional

Table of Contents

What is Cybersecurity?
Who is a Cybersecurity Professional?
Job responsibility of Cybersecurity Professionals
Cybersecurity Professional without a tech degree
Cybersecurity Professional Certification

What is Cybersecurity?

It is concerned with enacting countermeasures against attacks, disruptions, and theft against and through technological systems via hacking. Cybersecurity prevents crimes, data breaches, data theft, etc., in digital platforms. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting enterprise’s and individual’s networks, software, resources, and systems from digital/cyberattacks.

Who is a Cybersecurity Professional?

A Cybersecurity Professional identifies potential digital security risks and develops solutions to protect company software from threats. As we all know, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. As a result, cybercrime is increasing day by day around the world, necessitating the need for Cybersecurity Professionals to secure or monitor computer networks, databases, computer infrastructures, and so on of companies and organizations and keep them safe from malicious activities and threats. These professionals are also known as Information Security Analysts. To keep systems, applications, programs, networks, and other systems secure, they identify and correct various flaws and anomalies.

Job responsibility of Cybersecurity Professionals:

  • Analyze security policies and protocols, and conduct thorough audits to identify flaws.
  • Security controls should be planned, implemented, and upgraded.
  • Begin scanning for vulnerabilities, risk analysis, and security assessments.
  • Internal and external audits should be performed on an annual basis.
  • Prepare for, and respond to security alerts and incidents.
  • Manage intrusion detection and prevention systems on a network.

Cybersecurity Professional without a tech degree

With the growing demand for Cybersecurity Professionals, many people are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Many people want to work in Cybersecurity, but they are unaware that it is possible without a tech degree. Here are a few steps for becoming a Cybersecurity Professional without a tech degree:

1. Enroll for valid certification courses:

Companies nowadays seek knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are well-versed in combating cyber threats. It is not required to have a degree in cybersecurity to be hired in the field, but you must provide proof of your education in the area. Many certification courses will demonstrate enthusiasm and knowledge of real-world business problems.

2. Grab the opportunity to showcase necessary skills:

You will be able to utilize your knowledge by taking on freelance projects, competing in contests and competitions, volunteering in projects, and developing your cybersecurity projects using programming languages.

3. Forming alliances with cybersecurity communities and organizations:

A Cybersecurity Professional who wants to advance their career should join several cybersecurity networks and groups to keep themselves updated efficiently. It’s essential to connect with other cybersecurity analysts to increase your job opportunities and advance your career. There are forums for prospective Cybersecurity Professionals, working Cybersecurity Professionals, and Cybersecurity Professionals on many social media sites without a degree.

4. Attend boot camps

Several Cybersecurity boot camps are available in the field. It’s a method for launching a cybersecurity profession that’s well-organized. These are intense classes that provide practical and hands-on skills for combating cybercriminal’s cunning tactics.

Cybersecurity Professional Certification

If you want to be a Cybersecurity Professional without a degree, consider obtaining certifications that will help you develop your skills and make you a more appealing candidate for Cybersecurity positions. Consider using online resources to pass the certification exam. Without a tech degree, you can obtain the following certifications as a Cybersecurity Professional:

CompTIA Security+: CompTIA security+ examines network security concepts, threats, and vulnerabilities, as well as access control, cryptography, identity management, and much more. The CompTIA security+ certification is the most popular entry-level IT certification.

CompTIA Security+

TRAINING CALENDAR of Upcoming Batches For Security+ SYO-601

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Microsoft Technology Associate Security Fundamentals: Microsoft issues the MTA certification. This Microsoft Security Fundamentals exam is designed for college students and individuals who want to pursue a profession in information security. This exam covers the security fundamentals you’ll need to get started in the security field, including IT security concepts, operating system basics, network security, and software security.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): CEH is one of the most prominent certification exams conducted by an EC council. This certification requires you to have hacker knowledge but use it to protect software rather than harm it.

Become a Cybersecurity Professional with InfosecTrain

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