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CISSP Domain 5: Identity and Access Management

The fifth domain of the CISSP certification is ‘Identity and Access Management’. ‘Identity and Access Management’ is one aspect of life that surrounds us all. The candidate is expected to know the following topics in this domain: “Physical and logical access to assets Identification and auth...

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Cloud computing roles and responsibilities

‘Cloud computing’ is making use of the resources such as servers, storage, networking and software over the Internet.  Since cloud computing offers the pay-as-you-go model for enterprise applications, it is a much more sought after business model for enterprise applications. The cloud computing model is ...

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Which is easy CISM or CISSP ?

To begin with the straightforward answer of your question: Neither CISSP nor CISM Certification is easy to get through. Both the certifications are meant to gain expertise in two different fields and depending upon your experience and interest in that particular domain, you may find the exam easy or diffi...

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What is the value of the CISSP certification?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is certainly a boon for the professionals looking forward for a brighter career in InfoSec as it is one of the most globally recognised InfoSec Certification. Why Is CISSP Certification Important?  The CISSP certification is your...

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Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

The third domain of the CISSP exam ‘Security Architecture and Engineering’ focuses on different processes, standards, structures to design a secure information system (An information system  comprises of the operating system, network, equipment, and applications) These are some of the following objective...

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CISSP Certification Training

What is the best way to prepare for the CISSP exam?

Congratulations on registering to take the most coveted exam in the InfoSec domain! The CISSP certification is an exhaustive exam and we have listed the exam details, exam tips, the resources, the endorsement process and the re-certification process in the paragraphs below: Exam details: 1. A CISS...

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