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SailPoint IdentityIQ – Admin and Developer

SailPoint IdentityIQ - Admin and Developer

What is SailPoint?

SailPoint is a complete governance identity management system that enables business users with rapid, convenient application access while also maintaining access control to keep the company safe. According to a Gartner report, SailPoint has been in the leader’s quadrant in the Identity and Access governance sector for the previous six years.

With identity management, enterprises may manage the whole lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources. Enterprise identity and access management solutions can provide a means for implementing the user management parts of a business policy. It can also be used to audit users and their permissions. Enterprises can handle user lifecycle management more efficiently with identity management systems. With the support of access certification and policies, they may effortlessly implement identity governance.

Many of the world’s largest and most complicated companies use SailPoint IdentityIQ to address their most pressing governance issues. IdentityIQ overcomes the shortcomings of first-generation solutions and manual provisioning processes with best-of-breed identity governance while also delivering a robust, extensible platform to ensure that your needs are fulfilled today and in the future.

What is the SailPoint IdentityIQ – Admin and Developer course with InfosecTrain?

Our SailPoint IdentityIQ Admin and Developer training course is specifically designed with three essential modules to inculcate and enhance your skills successfully: Implementation, Administration, and Development, ultimately preparing you for a wide range of SailPoint roles and responsibilities.

This course will be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in starting a career in SailPoint or changing their career domain to Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The course will teach you how to understand the IdentityIQ architecture and its key features, as well as how to explore the application onboarding process and correlation, executive troubleshooting, debugging, and control. And how to navigate smoothly through workflows, reports, provisioning broker, and engine to develop your true SailPoint IdentityIQ capabilities.

Course content

The SailPoint IdentityIQ-Admin and Developer training course is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Administration
Part 2: Development

Now, let us look at what one will be learning during this course. This course will begin with an overview of IAM and its key concepts, followed by product architecture, it will begin by installing and configuring the local PC, and then we will set up the HRMS system. We will provide an overview of product architecture, risks, policies, and implementing risks and policies. Then we will set up some non-authoritative programs, do some logo branding, and customize the user interface. Then we will look at the concept of provisioning and how it works in SailPoint. The concepts of lifecycle management, policy, and certification will be examined. We will integrate SailPoint with Active Directory, ServiceNow, a database, and an LDAP system in the advanced topic.

Career benefits

Many of the world’s largest and most complicated companies use SailPoint IdentityIQ to address their most pressing governance issues. This has increased the need for professionals who can manage, administer, and develop the SailPoint solution in their organization. The course will help you land a lucrative position in some of the Fortune 500 organizations.

A few of the roles this course will help enable you to achieve are:

  1. SailPoint Developer: The SailPoint Developer’s responsibilities include developing IDM applications utilizing SailPoint and Java, participating in requirement analysis and design, performing unit testing, and providing SailPoint application 3rd Level Support.
  2. SailPoint Engineer: In the support team, the SailPoint Engineer is responsible for troubleshooting and fixing major issues, with a primary focus on defects and enhancements. One should have a lot of experience in SailPoint development and support and SailPoint IdentityIQ.
  3. Identity and Access Management Engineer: Identity and Access Management Engineer is in charge of designing, creating, implementing, testing, and integrating Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and solutions.
  4. SailPoint Solution Architect: The SailPoint Solutions Architect will provide leadership, engineering, and technical direction to assist the project team’s IAM solutions and services planning, development, organization, monitoring, and delivery to the customer.

Sailpoint Career Benefits

Why SailPoint IdentityIQ – Admin and Developer course?

Today’s businesses struggle to figure out who has access to what resources and what they are doing with them. To reduce the consequences of an employee, contractor, or malicious third party with inappropriately assigned access abusing that access, having full knowledge of access and enforcing governance measures is vital. Compliance with regulations requiring access controls is also crucial; without it, organizations will be unable to give relevant documentation to auditors explaining how and why access was assigned in their environment. Enterprises can handle user lifecycle management more efficiently with identity management systems. With the support of access certification and policies, they may easily give identity governance.

Therefore, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market is now exploding. As a result of the increased demand, IAM professionals will be scarce, and organizations will be forced to pay these professionals higher salaries. This course will help you prepare with all the knowledge and skills required for the most in-demand job roles available in the IAM domain.

Why SailPoint IdentityIQ – Admin and Developer course with InfosecTrain?

Digital transformation is driving significant change for your business. Change brings with it a slew of new obstacles. IT professionals must manage and safeguard an increasing number of users, apps, and data while also complying with data privacy and compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and SOX.

What a dilemma! Therefore, we decided to take action. This SailPoint IdentityIQ-Admin and Developer training course will confidently prepare you to embrace this digital transition. It assists you in gaining all of the necessary fundamental knowledge to administer, implement, and develop SailPoint IdentityIQ Identity and Access Management software.

Some of the reasons you might consider enrolling in this course at InfosecTrain are:

  • It will enhance your technical skills: You will learn important SailPoint developer skills, as well as effective administrative skills, to help you obtain a better conceptual and practical mastery of the platform. This will further allow you to acquire a lot of lucrative job roles in organizations that use SailPoint technology.
  • You will gain resources: You will get downloadable resources, SailPoint documents, and virtual machines to help you improve or supplement your learning experience.
  • You will get the opportunity for open discussion: You will have the chance to participate in open discussions on any topic during the course. If you have a question, it will be answered in real-time.
  • It will create a competitive environment: Being around other students instills in a person a competitive mindset. When you see others performing better with the technology, you try to put more effort, increasing your performance. It will help you achieve your desired career goal.
  • It will help you prepare for the interview: At the end of the session, we have included a 4-hour interview session to train you in crucial SailPoint interview questions to prepare and ensure you are fully prepped for your next job.


Finally, we assist you in learning everything. You might consider participating in our SailPoint IdentityIQ-Admin and Developer course since it will be extremely valuable to you. We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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