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All Self Learning > Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) by Anand Rao

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) by Anand Rao 10 hours on-demand video | 162 lectures | HD 1080

Initiating your incredible Microsoft Azure journey with a Bang – Practice Questions, Latest topics and Updated Content

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  • 162 lectures in HD 1080
  • 10 hours on-demand video
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  • Certificate of completion

Course Description

When it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular choices. The Azure subscription-based infrastructure, system and services have enabled enterprises to increase their visibility, productivity and profitability. Azure is a highly flexible, accessible, and durable platform for installing and creating business solutions, due to its strong data protection security. With the ability to host, control, and manage applications from any location, Azure has risen to the top of the cloud platform rankings.

The Azure Fundamentals course allows you to demonstrate your understanding of cloud ideas, Azure facilities, Azure tasks, Azure security and privacy, as well as Azure cost structure and support. These include networking, storage, computing, application support and application creation. Candidates should have a basic understanding of general technology ideas. This Azure Fundamentals certification course provides a thorough grasp of Microsoft Azure’s various aspects.

What you'll learn

  • Services in the cloud: the fundamentals
  • Core Azure services
  • Infrastructure and components of the Azure cloud
  • The distinction between public, hybrid, and private cloud models
  • Services provided with Microsoft Azure
  • Azure provides secure network connectivity
  • Azure governance and monitoring, as well as identity services
  • Azure’s requirements for data protection, compliance, and privacy
  • Subscriber billing for Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure service lifecycle and service level agreement
  • Additional lessons for non-IT Professionals

Target Audience

  • Recent college graduates who are eager to enter the job market
  • Anyone who is interested in cloud computing and new technologies and IT trends


  • Specialists advise that you have a basic understanding of IT
  • A basic understanding of computers and networks is required

Course content

162 lectures • 10 hours total length

Section 1: Course Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Gratitude : Thank You for your reviews
Section 2: Module 1: Core Concepts
  • The Need for CLoud Computing
  • What is Cloud Computing – I
  • What is Cloud Computing – II
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Key Concepts and Terminology
  • Economies of Scale
  • CapEx vs OpEx
  • Cloud Models: What is Public Cloud
  • Cloud Models: Characteristics of Public Cloud
  • Cloud Models: What is Private Cloud
  • Cloud Models: Characteristics of Private Cloud
  • Cloud Models: What is Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Models: Characteristics of Hybrid Cloud
  • Review and What Next!!
  • What is IaaS
  • Use Cases of Iaas
  • What is PaaS
  • Use Cases of Paas
  • What is SaaS
  • Cloud Models: Shared Responsibility Model
Section 3: Module 2: Core Azure Services
  • Introduction
  • Azure Regions
  • Special Azure Regions
  • Region pairs
  • Feature Availability Region Wise
  • Availability Zones
  • Availability Sets
  • What are Resource Groups?
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • What Next!! – Azure Core Services and Products
  • What is Azure Compute
  • Azure Virtual Machines – Audiocast Only
  • Azure Virtual Machines I – LAB
  • Azure Virtual Machines II – LAB
  • Azure Virtual Machines III – LAB
  • Azure Virtual Machines IV – LAB
  • Azure Virtual Machines V – LAB
  • Azure Virtual Machines VI – LAB
  • What are Containers?
  • Containers ( LAB Activity )
  • Containers vs Virtual Machines
  • Advantages of Containers
  • Azure Container Instances – Lab – I
  • Azure Container Instances – Lab Activity – II
  • Azure Container Instances -Deploy with CLI- Lab – III
  • Build Custom Apps and Azure Container Registry
  • What Are Virtual Networks
  • Virtual Networks – LAB
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • VPN Gateway
  • Azure Application Gateway – I
  • Azure Application Gateway – II
  • Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s)
  • How CDN works ?
  • Azure CDN – Lab Activity
  • Azure Storage Services
  • Structured Data
  • Semi Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Azure Storage Account – Types
  • Azure Storage Account – Blob – Lab Activity – I
  • Azure Storage Account – Blog – Lab Activity – II
  • Azure Storage Account – Blob – Lab Activity – III
  • Azure Storage Account – Blog – Lab Activity – IV
  • Azure Storage Account – Blob – Lab Activity – V
  • Azure Storage Account – Blob – Lab Activity – VI
  • Azure Database Services
  • Azure SQL – Lab Demo
  • Azure MarketPlace
  • What is Internet of Things ( IOT ) – Intro
  • IOT Hub
  • IOT Hub Demo
  • Azure Big Data and Analytics
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure HDInsights
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning Services and Studio
  • What is Server less Computing ?
  • The concept of DevOps
  • Azure Management Tools
  • Creating Resources with Powershell – Lab Activity
  • Creating Resources with Azure CLI – Lab Activity
  • Provision Resources using Cloud Shell – Lab Activity
  • Deployment with JSON – Lab Activity
  • Azure Advisor
  • Module 2 : What did we learn
  • Bonus 1 : Azure Mobile App
  • Bonus 2 : Azure Powershell
Section 4: Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust
  • What to expect in Module 3
  • Azure Firewalls
  • Azure Firewalls – Lab Activity – notes
  • Azure Firewalls – Lab Activity
  • Azure DDOS
  • Network Security Groups
  • Application Security Groups
  • Which Network Security Solution to choose from ?
  • AuthZ and AuthN
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Security Center – Lab Activity
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • What is Azure Policy
  • Azure Policy – Lab Activity
  • Azure Role Based Access Control ( RBAC )
  • Azure Role Based Access Control ( RBAC ) – Lab Activity
  • Azure Locks
  • Azure Locks – Lab Activity
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Subscription Governance
  • Azure Tags
  • Azure Monitoring
  • Azure Monitoring Lab Activity
  • Azure Service Health
  • Monitoring Applications and Services
  • Compliance Terms and Requirements
  • Microsoft Privacy Statement
  • Microsoft Trust Center
  • Service Trust Portal
  • Azure Government Services
  • Azure Germany Services
  • Azure China 21Vianet
Section 5: Module 4 : Azure pricing and support (25-30%)
  • Module 4 Introduction: What to expect in this Module
  • Azure Subscriptions
  • What are Management Groups
  • Purchase Azure Product & Services : Available Options
  • Usage Metrics
  • Factors Affecting Costs
  • The concept of Zones for Billing
  • Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Azure Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO )
  • Ways to Minimize Costs in Azure
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Azure Support Plans
  • Alternative Support Options
  • Service Level Agreements ( SLA’s )
  • Composite SLA’s
  • Improving Application SLA’s
  • Public and Preview Features
  • Providing Feedback
  • General Availability
  • Azure Updates , Announcements and Roadmaps
Section 6: Course Conclusion
  • Course Conclusion
Section 7: Additional Lessons for Non-IT Professionals
  • Introduction to Networks I
  • Introduction to Networks II
  • What is Compute ?
  • Storage Fundamentals
Section 8: A Quick Summary
  • Overview of Azure Services
  • Azure Portal Demo
  • Azure Portal Overview
  • Using Azure CLI
  • Service Categories
  • Design a Solution – An Overview
Section 9: Azure Ignite 2020 Updates
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Sentinel – Lab Activity
  • CosmosDB
$ 10 $ 99   90 % off
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  • 162 lectures in HD 1080
  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


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No, you cannot download the videos
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Who should opt for a self-paced course?
Self-paced courses are available to anyone who wants to learn but is unable to enrol in an instructor-led course. A self-paced course is an option if you prefer to learn at your own leisure.
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What is Azure?
Azure is a versatile and open cloud platform that allows you to rapidly establish, implement, and manage applications in data centres.
What is the purpose of Microsoft Azure?
There are more than 200 products and cloud services in the Azure cloud platform that may help you solve today’s problems and build the future. Application development and management can be done with the tools and frameworks of your choice, in different clouds and on-premises as well as at the edge.
Is AWS superior to Azure?

Cloud computing services from Azure and AWS are similar in terms of the virtual machines, networking, and storage that they can provide. Azure, on the other hand, has more robust PaaS capabilities, which is an important part of Cloud infrastructure nowadays. In this way, Azure development enables a total emphasis on creativity.

For what reason do individuals use Azure?
Apps that are compatible with all prominent web and portable platforms can now be easily created and deployed internationally with Azure. Access to the cloud that is both reliable and expandable allows for rapid response to variations in your business, saving both time and money for you.
Azure uses what kind of database?
As a highly scalable database service, Microsoft manages SQL Server and maintains its availability and performance in Azure SQL Database, which is a fully managed database service.
Is it worth it to get Azure certifications?
Microsoft Azure certification training can assist you in reaching that goal. The answer is definitely yes when it comes to honing your knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Azure.
What exactly is the distinction between SQL and Azure?

An online relational database, Microsoft Azure SQL Database falls under the business category of Platform as a Service (PaaS). This database is constructed on standardised hardware and software that is controlled, operated, and managed by Microsoft, as well as on Microsoft-owned hardware and software.

How many times can you take Microsoft certification exams?

During a 12-month period, a candidate may only take an exam five times. These twelve months begin with your first try. They are then entitled for a second attempt in 12 months.

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