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VikramJeet Singh
VikramJeet Singh
Like always, InfoSec Training services are worth all the money spent! The instructor allocated to this Sailpoint course possesses very good knowledge and project experience in Sailpoint . After attending this course, we are able to gain deep insight into the functional and implementation aspects of Tool. All credit goes to our instructor and InfoSecTrain.  Thanks! ... Read More
Smitha Kurup
I made the right choice, and every session was worth it. Thank you once again. I would highly recommend my friends, the professor has immense knowledge and the subject and was very logical and practical
Kennedy Doss
Thanks. The class was very interesting. Trainer did an excellent job. He is very approachable. Thanks again. He is very approachable and knowledgeable.
Alvaro Francisco Uribe Nava
Really good course. I was able to identify and understand the concepts discussed, and my doubts were clarified. Thank you for this kind of course that you provide, keep the good work!
Sergey Lebed
He’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever met with an exceptional ability to make very complex things easier. The teaching and explanation methodologies he uses are effective. I’ve been really surprised by his expertise areas when I met him the first time. At the same time, his training sessions are not boring at all. He keeps the audience involved all the time. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer and Infosec Train as your continuous professional education provider ... Read More
Paul Ebenezer
Infosec Train has an amazing coach, mentor, and a great personality, one of the best IT Security and Technology trainers that currently exists. Trainer’s dedication to teach and share knowledge, commitment with which training is delivered are really commendable. The mentoring does not end with the sessions, and there was continued support till the finish line. It was a great decision to be part of a learning journey with Trainer and an association that I will continue further. ... Read More
Emily Kong
I had the opportunity to take CISSP lessons. The Trainer has been consistently giving me a lot of mental and material support. I would recommend his mentorship for any aspirant.
Seeth K
The whole process from the initial inquiry to the course completion was incredibly seamless. All customer service staff, especially the Sales Coordinator, was very accommodating and understanding of my unique requirements with regards to dialing in from a different country and very different time zone. Even during the initial correspondence stage, Infosec Train Sales Coordinator did not just enroll me into the course but understood my requirements previous work experience educational qualifications and also verified my suitability for CISSP by consulting with subject matter experts to determine my suitability for the course. I, in fact, ended up enrolling for not only CISA but also CISSP and CompTia Pentest+ courses. I cannot thank the role of the Instructor Of INFOSECTRAIN for his dedication and numerous additional hours spent on making sure that I have grasped complex concepts and personally mentoring me all the way that ensured my success in the very challenging CISSP examination. His teaching style and presentation skills are very effective, and one of the best in the industry. In conclusion, the services of INFOSECTRAIN, in my personal opinion, are truly noble and solely focussed on the client’s success. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Instructor, Sales Coordinator, and InfosecTrain to anyone truly committed to their professional success through education. ... Read More
Charit Mishra
Before I joined the CISSP training I always felt it was a tough milestone to achieve, never realised that after going through the training it would make so much difference. I must say the course is designed and strategized very well that gives the participant a great level of comfort and confidence. ... Read More
Rajat Agrawal
I have attended CCSP and CISSP Weekend Training Bootcamp at InfoSecTrain. The instructor has been the most professional and energetic. Delivery of content, Answering the questions, clearing doubts, post-training support, incomparable support towards all students, offering personal time to understand the needs, are just some of the features of InfosecTrain, which is almost impossible to find anywhere else. Support from Infosectrain has been great. 24/7 unparalleled support, Knowledge about the Training Offerings, Post Training Support, Accessibility, and with a head-on positive attitude they have been the most important part of the training journey. I would recommend Infosec Train and their trainers to everyone for any training offerings. ... Read More