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Why Is The International Business Community Talking About General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Since the enforcement of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation on 25th May 2018 by the European Law to protect the privacy and information of their citizens, the buzz over its importance and benefits hasn’t stopped. Although some of us may wonder that when the UK is already following the Data Protection Act (DPA) then why was this new regulation introduced? Let’s look at the differences between DPA and GDPR:

  • DPA is applicable only to the organization based in the UK whereas GDPR is necessary for any business dealing with EU citizens’ personal data, irrespective of whether the company is based in EU or not.
  • DPA is effective for negative opt but GDPR allows the organizations to send e-mails only to those who have opted-in for the messages.
  • In case of a breach, DPA imposes a fine of €500K whereas GDPR imposes a huge amount of €20 million. This amount cannot be even afforded by many companies.
  • Unlike DPA, GDPR offers free data request and data subjects have the explicit right to ask for data erasure.

Thus, we can see that GDPR is far more efficient. The undivided attention it has been getting in the international market for the past one year has indeed made me curious to understand it in detail.

Being an entrepreneur or part of an organization looking forward to an expansion in the international market, you must understand that it is absolutely necessary for your organization to enable GDPR Compliance in your website. This blog will help you in understanding GDPR closely and in realizing its importance for the growth of your business.


GDPR is the latest legislation in the data protection act which states any website, or company that has any kind of information of the European Union and UK citizens cannot use it for their benefit. Organizations can share the data only with the user’s consent. Although this is not a directive the advice is, do not even think of surpassing this regulation if you are willing to do well in the business. All the organizations must have a GDPR compliant website or they could be imposed with the fine as much as 20 million Euros or 4% of your global turnover whichever is greater. Organizations must also maintain the records, inform the EU user or resident of any data breach, failing which they could be fined with 2% of the global revenue or 10 million Euros whichever is greater. This huge amount of fine itself explains how essential it is to make your website GDPR Compliant!

The first question that strikes us after reading all these details is ‘ how to make the organization GDPR ready?’ To be honest, if you are looking for a quicker method to enforce GDPR in your organization, you will be a bit disappointed to know that there is no proper checklist to follow the shorter route for its compliance. You would need professionals with GDPR Certification training to help you in establishing compliance. Some of the basic steps that must be followed in the organization for GDPR establishment are:

  • decision makers and key people of the organization must understand the impact of GDPR implementation and should identify the problem causing areas in this process.
  • it must be ensured that all the individuals’ rights including the methods used by the company to delete personal data or provide data in an electronic form or an acceptable format must be contained in the process of implementation.
  • the updated procedure should be able to handle requests within the new timescales and to provide any additional information.
  • it is important to keep reviewing the process by which consent is sought, recorded and managed and if any changes need to be made.
  • a data protection supervisory authority accountable for its regulation must be defined by all the organizations operating internationally.
  • It should be remembered that GDPR in an organization must follow the rule of “privacy by design and by default” and “security by design and by default.”
  • If you are looking for GDPR training courses or GDPR training online, you must visit the official website of InfosecTrain. Both online and onsite GDPR training is available at InfosecTrain, and here it is made sure that the professionals get world-class quality training as per their preferred schedule. Please remember GDPR cannot be ignored by the organizations offering their products and services to UK and EU citizens so it is wiser to immediately start making your organization GDPR compliant.
Sweta Choudhary
Writer And Editor
Sweta Choudhary is a writer and editor for last 10 years. After completing her journalism from Delhi, she started her career with ‘The Pioneer’ Newspaper in 2003. She has also worked with other esteemed organisations like hindustantimes.com and Algerian Embassy. She has written various articles on wide range of topics like mainstream news, lifestyle, fashion, travel blogs, book reviews, Management courses, Information Technology, Workplace Organisation Methodologies (5S) and many more. Her work can be read on the websites of multiple organisation, magazines and Quora.