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Why CertNexus CFR will be next best level certification for Incident Management ?

Why CertNexus CFR will be next best level certification for Incident Management ?

If you are an IT professional working in Cybersecurity domain and you have not heard of CertNexus cyberSec First Responder (CFR) certification, you are certainly missing on an opportunity to grow further in your career. It is indeed worth giving attention and the more you will know about its benefits, the more you will start appreciating it.

All the organisations today are under the threat of cyber attack. They might not have experienced it so far but they cannot ignore the risk of being attacked anytime. Thus, to protect their network and data in the best possible ways, organisation are constantly looking for IT professionals with a demonstrated knowledge of cybersecurity. CFR Certification authenticates your knowledge and skills in the filed of cybersecurity and thus, helps your career to bloom well.

CFR Certification courses will help you gain and enhance the knowledge in

  • assessing information security risk in computing and networking environments
  • analysing the cybersecurity threat landscape
  • analysing post-attack techniques on computing and network environments
  • collecting cybersecurity intelligence
  • analysing data collected from security and events log
  • respond to and investigate cybersecurity incidents

Getting CFR certified will definitely allow you to flaunt your security skills and you will be definitely noticed by the organisation who are ready to pay well.

Let’s go through some of the details of this certification.

Eligibility for CFR Certification

If you are willing to take up this certification exam, here is a good news for you! This certification exam has no formal eligibility criteria. Yes, there is no requirement of application fee, supporting documentation, or other eligibility verification measures. There is an exam voucher available which can be bought on the official link of CertNexus or it also comes along with the training programs you get enrolled with. You will get all the information related to registration and scheduling of exam, once you buy the exam voucher.

When is the time to get CFR Certification?

Although there is no pre requisite of CyberSec First Responder (CFR) certification but it fits best after you have completed a basic certification in cybersecurity. Going through this exam right after the basic certification will help you more as you will have a strong foundation. This certification will help you to learn and focus on some of the job functions related to protecting and defending information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. This exam includes 10 domains and the main purpose of designing this certification is to focus on the knowledge, ability, and skills necessary to provide for the restoration of those information systems. Thus, CertNexus CFR certification will enhance your skillset regarding restoration within a cybersecurity context including protection, detection, investigation, reaction, response, and auditing capabilities. Indeed, this certification directly answers the requirement of expert cyber security professionals for prospective employees.

Target Audience 

CFR Certification courses have been designed for information assurance professionals. Their job functionsinclude development, operations, management, and enforcement of secure systems and networks.

I have already mentioned that there is no formal requirement to get through this certification yet, there are few recommendation for knowledge, skills, and experience possessing which wrcdxdn.ill help you to sail through this exam easily.

  • minimum two years of experience in a computer network security technology or related field.
  • must be able to recognise information security vulnerabilities and threats in the context of risk management.
  • practical knowledge of common computer operating systems.
  • practical knowledge of the concepts and operational frameworks of common assurance safeguards in computing environments, such as basic authentication and authorisation, resource permissions, and anti-malware mechanisms.
  • hands-on experience of common networking concepts, such as routing and switching.

If CFR is what you are planning to go through next, you can get enrolled to InfosecTrain for the best CFR certification training. InfosecTrain understands the requirement of the students and help in learning as per the individual’s expectations. There are online as well as classroom and onsite trainings available with experts of the industry. Visit their website for more details and move forward for an exciting career in the field of Cybersecurity.

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