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What’s New in CYSA+ Exam (CSO-002)

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, commonly known as CYSA+, is one of the highly preferred IT certifications that prepare the individual to enter into the professional world with the right knowledge and experience. This certification helps to learn ways to deter and identify cyber threats and further fight against them through ongoing security monitoring. CompTIA CYSA+ certification course encompasses the current cybersecurity analyst skills along with career skills that prepare the candidates for much more than just monitoring and responding to network traffic.

With the hackers becoming smart to enter into the traditional signature-based network protection tools such as firewalls and other antivirus software, it becomes prominent to provide cybersecurity with a new direction. This led to the invention of new tools based on behavior analytics that provides better protection. CYSA+ implements the behavior analysis to the network and enhances the overall security status on a large attack surface. Having CYSA+ certification training will affirm the capacity of IT personnel to protect and enhance the company’s protection effectively and consistently. Successfully completing this certificate will verify the required skills and knowledge in the candidate.

CYSA+ is certified by the US Department of Defence and complies with ISO 17024 standard. It follows the criteria of DoD 8570.01-M. This makes the candidates with CYSA+ certification in-demand in the IT industry.

Updation of CYSA+ from CSO-001 to CSO-002:
CYSA+ launched its CSO-001 certification back in 2017. To maintain its loop and to discuss the new cyber-security patterns and techniques, CompTIA amends their certificate every three years. The new CYSA+ certification was launched on 21 April 2020.

However, if you are preparing for CSO-001 certification, you don’t need to worry about its retirement. In general, the older version of CompTIA certification remains active for around 6 months from the time the new version comes out. Hence, the older CSO-001 certification in the English version will retire on 21 October 2020. However, if you are preparing in Simple Chinese or Japanese, then you will get the time till 23 April 2021.

The new CYSA+ Certification Training (CSO-002):

To address the market changes and to make the candidate more vigilant in defense and threat intelligence, CompTIA launched CYSA+ 002 with some improvements. The following are the changes you will notice in CYSA+ 002.

➢CYSA+ 002 focuses more on software security.
In the previous version, the focus was mainly on system security. But with the continuous investment and hard work of the IT professionals, the network has now become more secure. However, all the software releases on the networks are still not properly tested. This brings out the importance of focusing more on Software Security than System Security.

➢The latest version of CYSA+ training follows the growing trend of the cybersecurity market, i.e., “Going on the offense with defense.” This is quite vital for threat intelligence.

➢CSO-002 offers higher significance on incident response.
The lesser usage of traditional operating systems and growing usage of the custom operating system increased the demand for adding it to the CYSA+ 002.

➢The new training exam increased the IT regulatory environment in the curriculum.
More and more companies are now regulated with huge privacy laws. Regulations are a hassle. However, studying from time to time makes it possible to report on the control chain with legislative safety controls. Learning for it through CYSA+ 002 prepares the individuals for ensuring that these laws are met.


Comparison of CSO-001 and CSO-002:

If we compare CYSA+ training 001 and 002, 80% of the job role remains the same. The core function of the CYSA+ training, i.e, Continuous Security Monitoring in the newer version, is just as of the older one. However, there is a 20% change in both the certification training.

The below-given table will enable you to differentiate between the two examinations.

Basis CSO-001 CSO-002
Experience Minimum of 3-4 years of information security and related experience along with Network+, Security+, or equivalent knowledge. Together with Network+, Security, or equivalent knowledge, a minimum of 4 years of experience is required.
Language English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese English and Japanese. Other languages are yet to be determined.
Exam Domain It covers four domains: It covers five domains rather than four:
It covers four domains:
●   Threat Management
●   Vulnerability Management
●   Cyber Incident Response
●   Security Architecture and Tools Sets
It covers five domains rather than four:
●   Threat and Vulnerability Management
●   Software and System Security
●   Security Operations and Monitoring
●   Incident Response
●   Compliance and Assessment

Overview on CYSA+ CSO-002 Exam Domain:
Exam Domains are the material that a candidate has to prepare for the certification examination. From four to five domains, there are some updates in the new CYSA+ examination to meet the growing needs. The following are the domains covered in CSO-002.

  • Threat and Vulnerability Management :- This domain will help you know the relevance of data on threats and intelligence, how and where to apply threat intelligence, ways to perform vulnerability management operations, and the methods for evaluating performance from vulnerability evaluation tools. This will also provide a detailed explanation of threats and vulnerabilities associated with the cloud and the controls to prevent attacks and network vulnerabilities.
  • Software and System Security :- The domain includes the implementation of infrastructure maintenance security solutions. Explains IT professionals the best practices for software assurance and hardware assurance.
  • Security Operations and Monitoring:- The domain focuses on various concepts that are essential for an organization’s security. It helps you to analyze the data for security monitoring and implementing the configuration changes for enhancing the current security controls. Together with this, it will help you learn the importance of threat hunting and the comparison of automation concepts and technologies.
  • Incident Response:- The Incident Response Domain of CSO-002 gives more attention to specialized technologies and incident response procedures. Also, it will help you gain an insight into the Indicators of Compromise that leads to an incident.
  • Compliance and Assessment:- It is the new domain that is introduced in CYSA+ certification. This domain helps the candidate acknowledge the PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR regulations. Topics like data privacy and protection and security concepts to mitigate the risks are also covered.

Skills Verified by CSO-002:
The new CompTIA CYSA+ Training- CSO 002 validates that the candidate is well-prepared with relevant expertise and skills to:

  • Apply techniques for intelligence and threat identification
  • Analyze and interpret the data
  • Recognize and resolve vulnerabilities
  • Recommend preventive measures
  • To respond efficiently and recover from incidents.


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