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What’s New in 2021 in the CRISC Certification Exam?

Introduction to CRISC

CRISC is an acronym for Certified in Information Systems and Risk Controls. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is awarded by ISACA® to IT professionals who develop, implement and maintain Information Systems (IS) controls to detect and manage risks.

What’s New in 2021 in the CRISC

CRISC is the most up-to-date and comprehensive risk management evaluation accessible for IT professionals and other personnel in an organization. CRISC certified professionals assist businesses in achieving goals such as effective and efficient operations, reliable financial reporting, and regulatory compliance. The certification also validates your ability to deal with the ongoing issues of enterprise risk and design risk-based information system controls that will add considerable value to your company.

Why CRISC Certification?

In today’s digital environment, risk management is an essential process. CRISC is the only accreditation that prepares and empowers IT professionals to meet the unique challenges of IT and enterprise risk management, allowing them to become strategic partners to the organization. Many people consider CRISC to be one of the most valuable and well-paid certifications. You could be able to get a new job or a promotion as an enterprise risk management specialist if you get your CRISC certification. If you are already seeking a career in the risk management field, you may negotiate a better salary. You can accomplish tasks more efficiently and bring more value to your firm if you advance your enterprise risk management and control knowledge to the next level.

CRISC certification is worth considering if you have three or more years of experience in risk management and information systems control domains.

Old CRISC Domains vs. New CRISC Domains

Old CRISC Domains vs. New CRISC Domains

Overview of The New CRISC Domains

CRISC verifies your skills in the four work-related domains indicated below, which are applicable across industries. This new exam content outline is valid for exams beginning August 1, 2021.

Domain 1: Governance (26%)

The Governance section holds a weightage of 26%. The domain covers organizational governance and risk governance in depth. IT Governance guarantees that policies and strategies are followed and that the needed processes are followed appropriately. The primary function of IT governance is to ensure that rules and procedures are implemented correctly to achieve specific business objectives. This domain includes a formal framework that gives organizations a foundation for ensuring that IT systems fulfill business objectives and various risk management frameworks. Questions from this domain will test your understanding of these frameworks and the processes involved.

Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment (20%)

The IT Risk Assessment domain entails developing a comprehensive security assessment procedure that enables detecting any flaws that may constitute a threat to the organization. Questions will test your understanding of an IT risk environment’s actual and desired states to ensure reasonable and appropriate controls are in place.


Domain 3: Risk Response and Reporting (32%)

The Risk Response and Reporting domain cover 32% of the total weightage in the CRISC exam. This domain focuses on creating and implementing effective risk response options and deploying and implementing appropriate controls to reduce exposure. The process of reporting these findings to shareholders is also covered in this domain. It focuses on metrics, such as monitoring and Key Risk Indicator (KRI) analysis, and methods for assessing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the latter of which can be used to spot changes or trends in the controls’ efficiency and efficacy.

Domain 4: Information Technology and Security (22%)

The Information Technology and Security domain cover 22% of weightage in the CRISC exam. This domain covers enterprise architecture and various IT operations management processes. The domain also includes information security concepts, frameworks, and standards involved in organizational security models.

CRISC Exam Information

Certification Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
Exam Duration 4 Hours
Number of Questions 150
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Passing Score 450 out of 800
Language English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese

CRISC with InfosecTrain

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