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Top Sailpoint Interview Questions

Preparing for a Sailpoint interview? Go through these top Sailpoint interview questions and get ready to crack the interview.

The importance of DevOps in the present application development scenario is unbeatable. One of the most important aspects related to DevOps is identity management. Enterprises realize the importance of security in a DevOps environment, thereby shifting their focus on identity management.

Identity and access management capabilities can ensure that developers and operation managers have valid access to different aspects of the development of pipelines and infrastructure. Therefore, the search for professionals skilled in identity and access management tools such as Sailpoint is increasing. The following discussion presents some of the notable Sailpoint interview questions with detailed answers to help you get prepared for the interview.

Most Common Sailpoint Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you are a fresher or have gained some significant experience, you need to be well-prepared for the Sailpoint interview to ace it in the first go. Let’s check out the most common and frequently asked Sailpoint interview questions that can help you crack an interview easily. 

1. What is a Governance Platform, and what is a Compliance Manager?

This is one of the top Sailpoint interview questions that deal with the ground-level architecture of Sailpoint. Governance Platform is one that supports the centralization of identity data, business policy, risk modeling, and roles for supporting user lifecycle and compliance initiatives. The Compliance Manager is responsible for streamlining the compliance controls and improvement of audit performance with automated policy enforcement and automated access certifications. 

2. What is Identity Intelligence?

Candidates could find this entry among most common Sailpoint interview questions. Identity Intelligence can transform technical identity data from multiple enterprise systems for creating a centralized and business-centric, easily understandable information such as reports and dashboards. 

3. What is the Audit Configuration?

This Sailpoint interview question is also one of the common entries you can find from various sources. Audit Configuration page on Sailpoint helps in specifying actions collected for different audit logs. The system administrator has to specify actions subjected to audit because of the impact of collecting and storing even information in audit logs on performance.

Generally, candidates will encounter this entry among Sailpoint interview questions related to IdentityIQ. Prior to the collection of any data by audit logs for use in audit search, the configuration of IdentityIQ for auditing is mandatory. 

4. What type of actions can you find on the Audit Configuration page of Sailpoint IdentityIQ?

This is one of the follow-up Sailpoint IAM interview questions, which can be very simple yet confusing. The response should be quite straightforward, and candidates can express the answer in specific categories. First of all, the General Actions or the typical actions that you perform while using IdentityIQ, such as signing off on a certification. The second group of actions refers to Link Attribute Changes or the modifications made for any assigned link attributes.

The next group of actions refers to the Identity Attribute Changes or the modifications to assigned capabilities, roles, authorized scopes, changes to the password, and controlled scopes. Class Actions are also included in the Audit Configuration page. The Class Actions are actions on the underlying classes you use for configuring operations of IdentityIQ, such as editing a role or creating a policy. 

5. How is Sailpoint Cloud Identity Management Solution better?

Candidates should always prepare for this entry among best Sailpoint interview questions and answers. The effectiveness of Sailpoint in identity management relies on different aspects related to the software. The data storage and backup of Sailpoint provide higher security. In addition, users can find management abilities that don’t trade off-server capabilities. The inbuilt sandboxing features of Sailpoint also help users in saving a lot of costs and efforts related to the management of data on the cloud. 

6. In which cloud models can you apply Sailpoint solutions directly?

Candidates will find this entry among the latest Sailpoint interview questions. The answer suggests that Sailpoint supports all cloud models such as private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud, and public cloud. On the other hand, you should also state that the installation and implementation of Sailpoint on different cloud models can be different. 

7. Why should an enterprise choose Sailpoint for identity management?

The benefits of Sailpoint are not the only response to such Sailpoint interview questions. You have to state information about the different innovations in identity management that Sailpoint introduces. Sailpoint provides a risk-based approach to identity management along with a unified architecture.

The other notable factors in choosing Sailpoint for identity management include innovations in centralized governance throughout cloud environments and data centers. In addition, Sailpoint also provides higher flexibility with last-mile provisioning with the assurance of higher scalability and performance. 

8. What are the different types of provisioning?

Candidates can find this entry commonly among new Sailpoint interview questions. The answer would include a description of the three types of provisioning, such as automated provisioning, workflow-based provisioning, and self-service provisioning.

Automated provisioning involves the detection of new user records from the HR system or Authoritative Source and then automatically provisioning the users with relevant access on-target applications. Workflow-based provisioning involves the collection of required approvals from designated approvers prior to granting access to data or an application to a user. 

9. What is the Password Manager in IdentityIQ?

Candidates could find this entry among important Sailpoint interview questions. The Password Manager in IdentityIQ is a feature for simple and effective management of user passwords for the reduction of operational costs and boosting productivity. The two unique functionalities of the Password Manager refer to Self-Service Password Management and Strong Password Policy Enforcement and Sync. 

10. What is Host configuration?

This is also one of the common Sailpoint interview questions that you will come across. The Host Configuration facility on Sailpoint helps in monitoring active servers that are currently running on an IdentityIQ instance. You can also refer to this as the IdentityIQ cluster. Data provided on the Host Configuration page provides information to system administrators regarding the existing workload maintained by each server. 

11. How can you manage multi-threading on Sailpoint?

If you are using multiple receivers, then you should not use the one-thread-and-queue-per-receiver method. In the end, you would find a lot of threads doing nothing most of the time while affecting your performance. The alternative method could involve the use of a thread pool of worker threads and picking tasks from a shared queue with each task having a unique receiver ID. In addition, you can also choose a shared dictionary having socket connections to every receiver that the working threads will use. 

12. Which tools have you implemented for monitoring code?

One of the general responses to such Sailpoint interview questions is JRockit. JRockit provides a comprehensive solution for Java SE that also includes high-performance JVM and tools for diagnostics, profiling, monitoring. You can also refer to Eclipse Memory Analyzer that is a Java heap analyzer that can help you in finding memory leaks, thereby reducing memory consumption. Eclipse Memory Analyzer also serves as a general-purpose toolkit for analysis of Java heap dumps and calculating their size. In addition, it can also help in reporting anti-patterns in memory consumption and leak suspects.

13. What is IdentityNow?

IdentityNow is the Software as a Service offering of Sailpoint’s IdentityIQ. Therefore, Sailpoint is the only provider of IAM as a service. IdentityNow helps in user provisioning, single sign-on, and password management. It is highly suitable for complex hybrid IT environments. Most important of all, IdentityNow also helps in the unification of identity management processes throughout multiple environments. The encryption and security technology foundation of Sailpoint further improves the credibility of IdentityNow.

14. How many types of certification can you find in Sailpoint?

The answer to this question would directly point to the three major types of certifications in Sailpoint. The certifications include the Application owner certification, Manager Certification, and Role Composition certification. In addition, you can also find three other types of certifications. The three other certifications are Role Membership certification, Account Group Membership certification, and Account Group Permission. 

Final Words

So, if you want to appear for an interview for Sailpoint, then these questions and answers can be of great help to you! In addition to these Sailpoint interview questions and answers, you need to focus on your practical experience with Sailpoint. Use Sailpoint for different practical tasks such as configuration and creation of roles and policies. Practical experience will strengthen your understanding of Sailpoint, thereby enhancing your preparations for the interview questions.

In addition, you can explore many other samples of interview questions for Sailpoint for widening the scope of your preparations. Referring to multiple sources of interview questions will help you familiarize yourself with different formats and tones of questions. Most important of all, you can figure out the ideal approach for responding to interview questions by reflecting on the sample questions beforehand.  

Besides, you need to strengthen your Sailpoint knowledge before sitting in an interview. If you want to clear your concepts of Sailpoint, join us and enroll into our Sailpoint training to become a Sailpoint expert.

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