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Tips To Prepare For Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam

So, you have decided to enhance your Kubernetes skills by getting through Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam but don’t know how/where to start from? This blog is an attempt to help all the professionals like you who are preparing for the exam and need some guidance regarding it.

We know that in the past few years Kubernetes has emerged as the most preferred open source software for deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications across various sector. Some of the reasons behind its rising popularity are:

  • It suffice the purpose of scheduling containers on a cluster alongside the management of workloads for ensuring operations as required.
  • It can be used in describing the components of applications alongside the interactions between components and their management.
  • Kubernetes helps modern software systems find a substantial improvement in ease of operations and portability.

Since, Kubernetes has got immense attention, professionals with expertise in Kubernetes administration and development are very much in demand. With Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification one can achieve an official accreditation for their expertise in Kubernetes.

The purpose of CKA certification exam is to bring standardization to the Kubernetes ecosystem, and because of the large-scale adoption of Kubernetes, it is worth investing on the exam. Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam preparation is also a chance to test your skills for the exam. Here’s one thing I want to remind to all those who are preparing for the exam is that it is not at all an easy exam. One must never forget that:

  • This exam has a strict curriculum and before attempting the exam one must go through comprehensive certified Kubernetes administrator training.
  • This exams aims not only to check the theoretical knowledge but also the knowledge of candidates on a practical level.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which offers CKA certification, also offers course materials and training for the candidates. For the customised version of the training based on the officially approved curriculum you can also join CKA Exam Training at InfoSec Train.

Preparation for Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam 

Preparation plays a very important role in getting through the exam in the first attempt. Therefore, as a candidate you need to assure that you are properly preparing for the exam in an organised manner. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you in preparing for the CKA exam.

Go through the exam guide

The certified Kubernetes administrator study guide plays an important role in the preparation of the exam. It is available on the official website of CNCF/The Linux Foundation. You must go through each and every details of the subtopics covered in each domain and the weight of each domain. This will help in estimating how much you already know and how much you need to cover for the exam.

Adapt yourself with the Linux Command Line

You must well acquaint yourself with Linux Command Line. The better is your understanding of it, the greater is your chance of getting through the certified Kubernetes administrator questions.

  • Learn the shortcuts
  • Learn about the creation and management of system services.
  • Practice by using a text editor

Understand the Exam Console Well
As a candidate you must become used to the exam console for certified Kubernetes administrator exam preparation.

  • The exam has different terminal than an SSH client or a standalone terminal.
  • Therefore, you must be aware of the shortcuts that won’t work in the terminal.
  • You should also improve your knowledge of using the Notepad feature as it is not possible to take notes anywhere else during the exam.

Training is indispensable

As already mentioned, training is an inseparable part of preparing for this exam. The more you pay attention during the CKA exam Training, the easier it will be for you to get certified.

  • Free “Introduction to Kubernetes” course by The Linux Foundation is available to understand all key concepts in Kubernetes.
  • Foundation also offers introductory learning resources to train candidates for requirements of the CKA certification exam.
  • If you are looking for expert personal guidance, join Infosec Train’s CKA certification training. This will help in getting the in-depth understanding of the curriculum along with the hands on experience.

Practice is the key to success

After learning everything required and investing on a good training, the final step towards success is practicing. Reflecting on what you have learnt while preparing is a crucial aspect. At Infosec Train multiple practice papers are the part of the training. They also help in familiarising with the format of the exam which further helps in facing the exam confidently.

For more information about Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Training, please visit www.infosectrain.com

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