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Securing the Cloud with the New CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

CompTIA is the world’s leading provider of vendor-neutral certifications. It has been providing 16 certifications in domains such as PC Support, Linux, Networking, Servers, and others for the past 15 years and is dedicated to constantly enhancing the service it provides to the industry. CompTIA’s certification strength stems in large part from the industry’s support. CompTIA criteria are used by thousands of organizations as a standard for assessing an employee’s performance. CompTIA exams are also used by hundreds of organizations that have their own certification programs to provide an industry benchmark for foundational-level skill sets as prerequisites or electives in their programs.

Securing the Cloud with the New CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

Whenever we talk about technology, the cloud is an exciting and never-ending powerhouse. In consequence, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to break into the cloud job market. Cybersecurity has always been a hot subject, not just in the workplace but also in the realms of data and information. The new CompTIA Cloud+ certification is a blend of the two most popular domains in the Information Technology market.

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification verifies that a person understands what Cloud computing entails from a business and technical standpoint, as well as the factors that go into moving to and managing the Cloud. Cloud+ validates what is needed to work efficiently in data center roles by covering the increased diversity of experience, skills, and abilities required by system administrators. Cloud-based infrastructure services are becoming an increasingly important part of an organization’s IT processes, according to CompTIA Cloud+. It’s the only vendor-neutral, a performance-based certification that covers more than a single vendor or features like security or networking, to help you get the most out of cloud infrastructure services.

Comtia Cloud Plus

Why CompTIA Cloud+?

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has taken on CompTIA Cloud+ to ensure that its employees who work with sensitive information are trained in aproper manner. CompTIA Cloud+ has been certified by the Department of Defense for three critical workforce categories:

  • Information Assurance Manager Level I (IAM I)
  • Cybersecurity Service Provider Infrastructure Support (CSSP-IS)
  • CSSP Analyst (CSSP-A)

CompTIA Cloud+ also aligns with the U.S. Government Cloud Smart program along with the workforce groups. The new CompTIA Cloud+ exam focuses on developing solutions that are always up to date, secure, and highly available, which is what Cloud is all about.

The Cloud+ certification validates the requirements of effective productivity of employees and discusses the expanded diversity of experience, skills, and abilities needed by System Administrators and Cloud Engineers. This is the only performance-based IT certification that considers cloud-based infrastructure services in the light of broader IT system operations, regardless of the vendor. The credential is suitable for IT professionals who need to be knowledgeable about a variety of products and applications, such as System Administrators and Cloud Engineers.

Career Perspective of CompTIA Cloud+

If cloud management, cloud configuration, cloud deployment, and cloud maintenance excite you, the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification is the right choice for you. After receiving the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification, you can apply for the following job profiles:

  • Cloud Computing Analyst
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Services Tech
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Data Center Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Manager for Cloud
  • System Administrator
  • Systems Engineer


CompTIA Cloud+ is not an entry-level certification so it is recommended that an applicant should have worked in an area that markets or relies on IT-related services for at least 6 months. Along with this, a candidate must have:

  • Work experience in IT systems administration or IT networking of at least 2-3 years is needed.
  • Equivalent knowledge of Server+ and CompTIA Network+
  • Awareness of some big server virtualization hypervisor technology
  • Understanding of service models of cloud
  • IT service operations expertise
  • Hands-on experience with at least one cloud IaaS network, either public or private

Exam Details

Exam Format Performance-based and MultipleChoice Questions
Number of Questions 90
Exam Duration 90 minutes
Passing Score 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
Exam Language English and Japanese
Registration Fees $ 338 USD

Domains of the Exam

CompTIA Cloud+ certification comprises a total of five domains:

  • Domain 1: Cloud Architecture and Design
  • Domain 2: Security
  • Domain 3: Deployment
  • Domain 4: Operations and Support
  • Domain 5: Troubleshooting

CompTIA Cloud+ with InfosecTrain

You can opt for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Training Course from InfosecTrain for professional knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Cloud security. This training is handled by highly qualified and experienced instructors. We are among the leading training providers worldwide, with our well-versed and experienced trainers. The courses will help you understand the basic concepts and provide a sound knowledge of the subject. This certification will indeed merit each penny and minute you will invest.

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