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Reasons to “Enroll” at CyberArk with InfosecTrain

Reasons to “Enroll” at CyberArk with InfosecTrain

Table of Contents

What is CyberArk?
What is the CyberArk training course at InfosecTrain?
What will be covered in the CyberArk training course at InfosecTrain?
Career benefits of learning CyberArk
Why CyberArk training course?
Why CyberArk training course with InfosecTrain?

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a security tool for password management and the protection of privileged accounts. It secures privileged accounts in businesses by automatically keeping track of passwords. Moreover, CyberArk is the only security software firm dedicated to removing cyber threats that employ insider privileges to attack the enterprise’s core.

CyberArk is the leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) and provides the most comprehensive security solution for any human or machine identity across business apps, remote workforces, hybrid cloud workloads, and the DevOps lifecycle.

What is the CyberArk training course at InfosecTrain?

The CyberArk training course at InfosecTrain is designed to help you create, install, configure, and manage the Privileged Account Security Solution by honing your skills and providing the knowledge you need. A multitude of options is available in this course. You will receive hands-on experience constructing CyberArk infrastructure, specifying authentication types, and more through real-world scenarios.

This course delves into password management and PSM, as well as software features like backup and troubleshooting. Each level of the course will demonstrate the expertise of cybersecurity and the unique and industry-leading CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.

What will be covered in the CyberArk training course at InfosecTrain?

The CyberArk training course from InfosecTrain teaches you all you need to know about developing, managing, and administering the CyberArk platform. The initial part of the course will cover an overview of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and CyberArk technology. You will learn how to create authentication mechanisms. You will learn how to use a distributed or load-balanced architecture to secure and deploy Central Policy Manager (CPM), Privileged Session Manager (PSM), and Password Vault Web Access Manager (PVWA). You will learn more about the CyberArk privileged account protection program’s design and practices.

Career benefits of learning CyberArk:

Theft of privileged credentials is common in security breaches. Privileged accounts grant specific users exceptional account privileges that allow them to conduct essential business operations. Organizations can use a PAM solution like CyberArk to ensure that those who require privileged access get it while protecting crucial systems from intrusions.

With centralized access management in place, employees will appreciate faster logins, and IT staff will get detailed reports on activity across all accounts, allowing them to identify risky use patterns or compromised credentials before any damage is done.

Therefore, demand for professionals who can operate in CyberArk has surged in the market. Some of the roles you can expect to achieve after learning CyberArk are:

  • CyberArk Administrator: CyberArk Administrators are responsible for the administration and support of a CyberArk deployment and other related systems or technologies required to maintain and sustain the services’ capabilities.
  • CyberArk Specialist: CyberArk Specialists maintain and support the CyberArk platform as well as the Privileged Access Management (PAM) reporting and metrics. They collaborate closely with the Identity Access Management team, security operation team, infrastructure, application owners, and product managers to assist and drive the identity strategy.
  • CyberArk Support Specialist: CyberArk Support Specialists assist with the design and implementation of Privileged Access Management systems, along with the development of new CyberArk plug-ins and connectors. They describe technical processes and procedures, including the amendment of support documentation on a regular basis, and they assist the CyberArk infrastructure of the client.
  • CyberArk Engineer: CyberArk Engineers are in charge of discovering and managing privileged accounts across all platforms and ensuring that they are handled in the CyberArk application in accordance with all company security standards.

Why CyberArk training course?

In recent years, the demand for secure access to privileged accounts has increased dramatically. However, even minor misuse of privileged user credentials might result in significant security risks. With so much data to keep, analyze, and communicate, many scenarios requiring changes to access rights emerge daily. These objectives necessitate dependable and adaptable access control solutions.

The necessity of Privileged Access Management (PAM) in minimizing risk and protecting vital assets from cyber threats is now well recognized. CyberArk training course will equip you with the expertise to manage access to privileged accounts.

Why CyberArk training course with InfosecTrain?

InfosecTrain is a leading IT security training provider focused on delivering exclusive training to anyone across the globe to enhance their skills to secure themselves and their organizations from cyberattacks. We provide the CyberArk training course to equip you with the skills needed to design, configure, and implement the solution in your organization.


Some of the reasons to enroll in this course with InfosecTrain are:

  • Fundamental knowledge of the technology: The course will help you understand the foundational concepts of CyberArk. You will learn critical CyberArk skills for developing and administering applications, as well as a greater understanding of the platform’s conceptual and practical aspects. This will also enable you to obtain various profitable job opportunities with companies that use CyberArk technology. You will learn how to secure and implement Central Policy Manager (CPM), Privileged Session Manager (PSM), and Password Vault Web Access Manager (PVWA) in a load-balanced or distributed architecture.
  • Flexible training schedule: We provide you with a flexible training schedule to meet your needs.
  • Hands-on experience: Although there is no one-size-fits-all way to learn a technology, practical exposure will undoubtedly aid your learning. Throughout the course, we will teach all of the fundamentals in a hands-on manner so that you can acquire a deeper understanding of the platform.
  • Get resources: Participants will receive downloadable resources, CyberArk documents, and other materials to assist them in enhancing or complementing their learning.
  • Recordings of the session: All participants will have access to the recorded sessions, which will allow them to prepare at their own pace even after the training program is completed and review concepts as needed.
  • Interactive session for Q & A: What better way to clear your doubts than to communicate to the trainer? Right. We will have an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to participate in open discussions on any topic. So, during this course, you will be able to clear all of your doubts.
  • Certificate of participation: All the participants will get a participation certificate that they can use in their CV. It makes it simple for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.
  • Post-training support: We will also provide you with the post-training backing for any questions you may have about CyberArk technology.

So enroll now and leverage the benefits!


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