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PENTEST+ The next best certification in Information Security

comptia pentest certification

A very important aspect of IT certification in Information security is to provide an in-depth knowledge to the professionals    such that they recognize the need of highly skilled security experts to prevent ethical hacking and secure the network of an organization.

Why is Pentest + the next best certification?

PENTEST + is an intermediate level certification designed for the professionals who are responsible towards penetration testing and vulnerability management. It helps to  exploit, identify, report  and manage  vulnerabilities on a network. This  certification also helps IT security beginners to aspiring for a career in penetration testing or also known as ethical hacking. The certification also covers knowledge of management skills related to cloud, mobile devices, and internet that can be utilized to plan, design scope and discover weakness and recommend strategies for the improvement within an organization.

There are many comparable certifications in the market like GIAC Penetration Tester, Offensive Security Certified Professional, GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester and Certified Ethical Hacker. Each of these certifications are focused on a specific audience and none of them effectively combines a wide and deep technical and experience based course at a level that PenTest delivers.

PenTest + is targeted more towards a generic audience who have experience in network security or equivalent areas and the certification provides an advanced security validation.

The trainers, educators or publishers uses open source penetration and vulnerability framework and tools to perform the penetration testing and vulnerability assessment during the course of the exam.

The skills imparted to the professionals in the Pentest that covers both technical and management scope are crucial for penetration testers working with a client or department where with a test environment set up  has to be made and define process, permissions and legal requirements for the project.

Who All can Attend the exam?

This certification could be attended by professionals working as Security Analyst, Network Operations, IT security engineers and engineers handling penetration testing and vulnerability testing.

About the exam:

The Pentest + will be launched on July 2018. The certification covers the most up to date penetration testing and vulnerability management to detect the resilience of the network against any attacks. Candidates will develop the skills to customize the assessment framework and report findings. They will also gain knowledge on the best practices to suggest strategic ideas and improve the security in an organization.

The domains include:

  • Planning and Scoping – 15%
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification – 22%
  • Attacks and Exploits – 30%
  • Penetration Testing Tools – 17%
  • Reporting and Communication – 15%

The assessments are based on both hands on, performance-based and multiple choice tasks.

Exam Details:

  • Number of questions: 110
  • Duration of the exam: 165 minutes
  • Type- Multiple choice and performance based.

What are the Pre-requisite? :

An equivalent knowledge in network and security with minimum 3 to 4 years hands-on experience in information security is preferred. However there is no such pre-requisite needed. Recommended to have a network or security related certification.

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