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Importance of CCNA Certification

What is CCNA Certification?

CCNA stands for Cisco certified network associate. It is a category of technical certification offered by Cisco for networking professionals. CCNA is designed to improve, enhance and evaluate the networking knowledge of an individual. The certification validates the holder’s general ability to install, secure, operate, and troubleshoot issues within enterprise networks. Cisco CCNA certification offers professionals an in-depth understanding of networking concepts. It helps networking specialists keep up-to-date their existing skills and knowledge. The credential increases the employment opportunities in the networking domain. It will help the certification holder advance his career, promotions, and new job opportunities with higher salary packages.

Importance of CCNA certification

Benefits of CCNA Certification:

Along with your CCNA certification, you will increase your knowledge in Cisco Networking; this provides you in-depth knowledge that you can use in your career. When you become CCNA certified, you will understand the concept of the fundamentals of networking. CCNA certification alone can open the door to opportunities in your career. Once you are CCNA certified, you can raise and negotiate a higher salary than other IT guys applying for the same position. Today the networking world is growing. Different kinds of technologies are coming up, like SDN (Software-defined networking) and cloud. These technologies are immensely changing the networking domain and introducing different job roles. So CCNA certification makes you a perfect fit for the new job roles in the IT field.

Job-roles with CCNA Certification:

With CCNA certification, you can apply for different-different job-roles such as Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Director, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Senior System Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, etc.

Best United States cities by salary potential for CCNA-certified professionals

We all know that CCNA is the right certification that will enhance your IT career path. With this certification, you can work in the United States and can maximize your salary. Below is a list of some of the best cities for CCNA-certified professionals:

  • San Jose: $94,000
  • Washington D.C.: $76,000
  • New York City: $75,000
  • Chicago: $72,000
  • Houston: $72,000
  • Dallas: $71,000
  • Atlanta: $68,000

Who should earn the CCNA?

There is no special requirement for the CCNA exam means that you do not have to take any previous exams before you can qualify as CCNA-certified. But we recommended you should have a basic understanding of networking before starting the CCNA certification training. If you have some experience in the IT domain and want to start your career in the networking field, you should attend CCNA certification training to enhance your knowledge and skill.

What are the Topics included in CCNA Certification?

CCNA Certification covers different and exciting topics that are necessary for networking professionals. This Cisco certification explains the fundamentals of networking, IP connectivity, such as components of the routing table, IPv4 and IPv6 static routing, different IP services (DHCP, DNS, SNMP, FTP, etc.), security fundamentals, and Automation and programmability.

CCNA Domains

Is CCNA certification worth it?

CCNA certification is one of the most preferred and highly valued certifications that grow professional careers. CCNA focuses on monitoring, managing & maintaining the network foundation. It also includes fundamental concepts of networking and working of devices like routers, switches, repeaters, etc. Another benefit of the certification is that it covers the latest and advanced network technologies such as Automation and programmability. CCNA certified professionals gain the skills of installation & management of the entire network of an organization.

One of the most significant advantages of getting the CCNA certification is Cisco’s reputation in the industry. Cisco is continuously improving its services and products. Its popularity and market share are also increasing with time. Cisco credentials are highly preferred by employers while hiring candidates for networking job roles. If you add this certification to your resume, it will leave a good impression on the recruitment panel. Apart from this Cisco CCNA credential will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate your professional knowledge of network fundamentals, IP services, and network security
  • Showcases your hands-on learning experiences
  • Secure better career opportunities and higher salary packages
  • Forge ahead in your career confidently
  • Earn and link the digital badges to various social media handles

How is the CCNA compared to other networking certifications?

Cisco is one of the most respected companies, especially in networking. The CCNA certification is about general and basic networking; therefore, it’s suitable for everyone who wants to start their career in this area. There are not many entry-level networking certifications that can stand with it for comparison.


How Should You Prepare for the CCNA?

There are various ways to prepare for the CCNA certification exam:

Self-study resources: You can prepare for CCNA certification by self-study, including books, videos, study guides, and practice questions.

Instructor-led Training: You can opt for instructor-led CCNA training online to prepare for the CCNA certification exam; you can learn directly from networking experts. The instructor-led training supports you to get an in-depth understanding of every concept.  Infosec Train provides all the necessary preparation guidance for the CCNA certification exam.  Infosec Train is focusing on a range of IT security and networking training. Qualified instructors deliver the interactive training sessions with years of industry experience. You can check and enroll in our CCNA certification-training to prepare for the certification exam.

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