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How to Learn Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is one of the most productive automated identity management and governance platforms in recent times. If you want to advance your career with Sailpoint, you need to know how to learn Sailpoint and enhance your skills as a developer.

The increasing focus on cloud security and resource-effective administration requires organizations to adopt an innovative identity and governance infrastructures. Sailpoint provides reliable and innovative identity and access management solutions for governance, access management, and provisioning as well as IDaaS and on-premises environments.

Therefore, the interest of professionals to learn Sailpoint is also increasing considerably. A large share of the learning resources on Sailpoint focuses on Sailpoint IdentityIQ, the identity management solution. Therefore, any individual aspiring for the role of a Sailpoint developer must start with a basic impression of what the platform is and its basic functionalities.

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What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is an open-source identity governance platform that helps in simplifying access and acceleration of business. IT teams can find out whether it is safe to grant access with the AI recommendations that come with every user request with the new Sailpoint Predictive Identity solution. However, the most popular solution of Sailpoint is IdentityIQ, which is also known as IdentityIQ war-file.

The war-file includes all the application modules. IdentityIQ provides a unified identity governance framework that can provide consistent performance. In addition, it also ensures the application of business and security policies and risk models pertaining to access-related activities.

Another important aspect of a Sailpoint tutorial would be the components of Sailpoint IdentityIQ. The components of IdentityIQ are responsible for providing automation to access certifications, enforce policies, provision resources, or serving end-to-end access requests. So, if you want to learn Sailpoint, then you must know about the basics of the following components.

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager is one of the notable additions in a Sailpoint developer guide. This component helps businesses in improving audit and compliance performance while ensuring cost reduction. Users can achieve the functionalities of automated policy management, audit reporting, and analytics, and business-friendly access certifications.

IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence

IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence offers all-round visibility for ensuring the identification of data and faster recognition of risks. It also supports identifying compliance issues faster, thereby enabling the capability to make the right decisions and improve efficiency.

IdentityIQ Password Manager

This component is also another important aspect you would come across when you learn Sailpoint. IdentityIQ Password Manager provides a simple solution for management of user passwords alongside ensuring the reduction of operational costs while improving productivity. The crucial features in this component of IdentityIQ include self-service password management and better password policy enforcement and sync.

Connectors and Integration Modules

Connectors and Integration Modules are also a basic component of IdentityIQ that you will find when you learn Sailpoint. These components help in connection with IdentityIQ to all cloud-based and on-premises apps and data. In addition, they also support the seamless integration of IdentityIQ with other IT security and operations tools.

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager is an important requirement in the Sailpoint deployment guide. The component provides business-centric solutions to ensure secure and cost-effective access. The functionalities, in this case, would include self-service access request and automated provisioning.

IdentityIQ Governance Platform

IdentityIQ Governance Platform is basically the foundation for improved risk management through the centralization of data identification. It also provides a centralized platform for modeling roles, risk, and business processes and policies.

Therefore, you can notice the following important benefits while you learn Sailpoint.

  • Support for business users to ensure access management from any device.
  • Centralization of visibility and governance controls for risk reduction.
  • Productivity improvement alongside cost reduction.
  • Policies in Sailpoint

Another significant aspect of Sailpoint that candidates should know about before they start to learn Sailpoint refers to policies. Sailpoint policies serve as a critical tool for enterprises to ensure the implementation of different pre-defined access policies throughout critical and general applications in an enterprise. However, the most important policy that you would come across is the SOD policy or Separation-of-Duty policy.

The SOD policies are very crucial for ensuring the implementation of comprehensive application compliance controls. It is essential to note that Sailpoint IdentityIQ enables IT managers and enterprises for a simpler definition of access privileges. The policies are applicable across all the roles and entitlements, thereby providing comprehensiveness in security. Furthermore, learners should note that IdentityIQ provides support for different types of policies, such as risk-based policy, account-level policy, and activity policy.


Are You Ready to Start Learning Sailpoint?

Therefore, you could clearly notice the basic definition and functionalities of Sailpoint. The discussion above was just about that. Now, you could learn Sailpoint by starting with the fundamentals, as shown above. Once you start exploring the functionality of Sailpoint in detail, you could build up a specific guide that aligns with Sailpoint.

For example, after you explore the features of Sailpoint IdentityIQ, you can start towards management of IIQ operations through IIQ console. Then, you can proceed towards the larger concepts such as policy types, policy definitions, application risk models, and configuration of account requests. So, choose a reliable Sailpoint training course or effective learning resources for gaining command over Sailpoint!

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